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   Chapter 1010 A Family Party

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A month later.

Greg got off work and headed straight home. While he drove, he fitted his wireless headset onto his ear and dialed a number.

"Hi, Violet, you ready?" Greg asked gently.

"Yeah. I'm all ready. Just waiting for you to pick me up," Violet replied cheerfully.

"Great. Be there in ten minutes," Greg responded as he hung up the phone.

Greg dialed up Lawrence next. It wasn't five seconds later that he got an answer.

"Hello, Greg," Austin answered gaily.

Greg was puzzled when he recongized Austin's voice. As he checked the screen, he made sure that he had dialed Lawrence's number.

"Where's Lawrence?" Greg asked with a frown.

"Dunno. But he's not in his office," Austin replied in a childlike voice.

"Why do you have Lawrence's phone?" Greg was genuinely curious.

"I walked into his office to discuss something, but I didn't see him. Then you called, and I answered. So we're talking to each other," Austin explained, like he was talking to a child.

Greg could imagine the silly look on Austin's face now.

"Never mind." Greg intended to wrap up the conversation.

"Are you calling to ask him when he'll be at Uncle Jackson's place?" Austin asked. He'd already guessed why Greg called. 'The Chu family's having a party tonight. Anyone who's anyone will be there. The Lus, the Xiaos, the Yus and I, the representative of the Yuwen family. I'll be there too. No one would turn down a gala like this, ' he mused.

"Yeah. So when's he supposed to get back? Violet and I will be there soon," Greg asked.

"No clue. But if he's not here in ten minutes, I'm heading there myself," Austin replied. Judging by his tone he wasn't joking. "See you later, Greg. Remember to ask Violet to dress up for this. I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight," he added.

"You think I'm going to let my girl dress up for another man?" Greg's blood froze, and his tone matched how he felt.

"But looks like Violet will be the only hottie there. Alice isn't here, and Amanda has a thing for Mike. So Violet's my only hope." Austin ignored the displeasure in Greg's voice.

"How about I ask my mother-in-law to arrange blind dates for you, Austin?" Greg suggested threateningly.

"Naw. I'd rather die than go on a blind date," Austin answered. 'I'm charming and brilliant. Blind dates are for losers. I'll never be one of those, ' he resolved.

"Then stay away from Violet. If you want to meet more hot girls, you should go to more parties. With luck, maybe you can meet the love of your life."

"Okay, you're the boss. Gotta go. Bye, Greg."

Greg hung up the phone first.

When he got home, he entered the living room to find Violet leaning against the couch.

"Why are you so late, honey?" Violet asked, as she sat straight up.

"Traffic was a nightmare." Holding Violet's hand, he asked, "Everything ready?"

"Yup. I have presents for Dad and Mom." Pursing her lips, she said teasingly, "It's so strange. I'm not hungry yet. Did I lose my

he caught sight of the young people.

"Hi, Uncle Soren, Uncle Derek," Violet said courteously. She then walked over to her father, took a seat beside him and nestled in his arms like a meek bunny.

"Looks like Violet likes her father most," Soren remarked with a loud laugh.

Upon hearing this, Jackson gave a happy smile. 'She's always so clingy. But that's why I adore her so much, ' he thought.

"Of course. I love Dad most of all, and then my husband and brother," Violet responded.

"So I come in third?" Lawrence asked as he seated himself on the couch.

"Of course. Expecting anything else?" Violet snapped in a bossy manner.

"I should come in second at least," Lawrence argued.

"That should be me," Greg broke in. 'Now that Violet loves her father most, I should be second in her heart. I can't let Lawrence steal my place, ' he decided.

"To you, maybe. Dad always comes first," Violet declared.

For her, Greg was as important as Lawrence. They both pampered her and treated her very well.

"Honey, you're always the one I cherish most," Jackson said with a hearty smile.

"I thought that was Mom," Violet responded.

"Both of you are the most important people in my life," Jackson replied with a hearty grin. He was too happy to utter another word.

"Who's trash-talking me?" Cherry asked deliberately. She heard them talking.

She and Amy emerged into the living room with a plate of fruits each.

"It's Violet, Auntie," Austin replied immediately.

"I didn't," Violet hurried to explain. Casting a pitiful glance at Cherry, she said, "Please believe me, Mom."

"I'm kidding. You've always been a Daddy's girl. So I'll sit next to my son," Cherry returned, as she put the plate on the table and sat down beside Lawrence.

"Okay. You can have him," Violet pouted.

Cherry sat between her son and son-in-law. In fact, she already thought of Greg as her son. She felt so content as she looked at Lawrence and then at Violet's husband.

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