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   Chapter 1009 Anna's Happiness

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Two months later.

Under the leadership of two business masterminds, the FS Empire extended it business holdings abroad. In the past three months, it had established business relationships with enterprises throughout the world.

In the office, Lawrence sat in his leather chair, going through financial statements. 'This is excellent. We're showing record profits this quarter, ' he thought.

A knock at the door tumbled him out of his reverie and brought him back to the here and now.

"Come in!" Lawrence said without raising his head.

His assistant came in, made her way to Lawrence and paused at his desk. "Boss, there's a file for you to go over. Mr. Austin has already approved it,"

she reported as she handed the paper to her boss.

"No need. I trust him. Carry out the plan according to company procedure," Lawrence replied as he let her keep the paper. He didn't need to be bothered with it.

"Yes, boss," the assistant replied respectfully.

"From now on, you don't need to show me anything that has Mr. Austin's approval," Lawrence demanded. Those words would become the rule of the company.

"Yes, boss," the assistant responded.

"We have a meeting in an hour. Tell Mr. Austin that he needs to be there and preside over that meeting. I have a thing, so I'll be out the rest of the day," Lawrence instructed.

"Okay, boss. I'll let him know," the assistant returned as she bowed, turned around and took her leave.

The instant Lawrence was done reading his last report, a buzzing sounded from his desk - his phone. Catching a glimpse of the caller ID, he grabbed it and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Anna," Lawrence answered.

"Don't forget our meeting, Lawrence. It's almost time," Anna reminded gently.

"I'll be there. I'm on my way," Lawrence replied.

"Okay. See you later," Anna said sweetly.

Lawrence pressed the button to end the call. After gathering up the papers on the desk, he stood up and stepped out of the office.

He drove to the April Cafe. Anna had booked the shop today, so there was only a waitress standing at the exit. She sat at a table by the window in a corner.

Lawrence found a parking spot nearby and stopped his car. As soon as he walked into the cafe, a waitress came forward to greet him. Pointing to Anna, she said politely, "Hello, Mr. Lawrence, Miss Anna is inside."

Lawrence nodded at her and went straight to the table where Anna sat.

"Hi," Anna said, as she motioned for Lawrence to have a seat.

"Hello," Lawrence replied, as he sat down across from Anna. Glancing around, he didn't see her boyfriend. So he asked, "Isn't Ryan with you?"

"He has something to deal with, so he couldn't make it," Anna explained.

"I see." There was a tinge of disappointment in Lawrence's voice. He had only met Ryan once at a party and all they exchanged was some meaningless small talk. 'I was hoping to sit down and get to know the guy. Another time, the

was born. She's done so much for me. I couldn't repay her even if I spend the rest of my life taking care of her," Lawrence replied.

"Maybe all that Auntie wants is that you and Violet live happily ever after," Anna surmised.

"I guess so. If she hasn't seen me in a couple days, she'll call and ask me to have dinner with her at home. I love hearing her voice. At least, there is someone who is waiting for me in that cozy house," Lawrence responded, warmth spreading though his body. 'Blood ties are forever, ' he thought.

"Do me a favor?" When she heard Lawrence mention his family, she thought of her father.

"Anything. What?"

"My Dad will be alone when I leave here. Can you drop by and check on him from time to time? I don't want him to be lonely. Besides, he'll forget to eat or sleep when he's up to his neck in work. That's not good. He needs to take care of himself," Anna replied. 'Now I'm leaving with the one I love. I'm glad that I finally got someone who will keep me company and look after me. But I don't like leaving my father and friends behind, ' she thought.

"Sure. Don't worry about your father. I'll drop by now and then. Besides, my dad likes your dad. Maybe they can get together so Uncle won't feel so lonely. Maybe they can start a weekly Go game or something," Lawrence agreed immediately. 'I know what she's worried about. Maybe I can help, ' he mused.

"Thanks, Lawrence," Anna said gratefully.

"Take care of yourself. You've never been there before, so you need to try to fit in. Remember you're the best and you can do anything," Lawrence urged. The last sentence was once Anna's motto, so he tried to encourage her with it.

"I will."

The two stared out the window, slight smiles breaking on their faces.

If you live long enough, you'll meet the right person at the wrong time. But if you're really lucky, you'll find the right person at the right time, and they could become the love of your life.

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