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   Chapter 1008 Finale About Mike

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In the morning, Mike and Amanda were still sound asleep. The phone on the nightstand yanked them from their dreams, shattering their slumber.

"Mike, pick up the phone," Amanda said and gave him a nudge.

"Okay," answered Mike sleepily. He stretched out his arm and reached for the phone. He squinted and saw the name on the screen.

"Hi, Dad, why did you call so early? I was sleeping," Mike said bluntly.

"You a-hole! You haven't seen me for almost two weeks! Am I your father or not? Shouldn't you be around to lend me a hand?" Soren complained. He thought that he must have spoiled Mike too much while the kid was growing up. He needed to show him some parental authority.

"Fine, Dad, I'll drop by in a few days," Mike answered briefly. He wanted to make the call quick as he was cuddling Amanda in his other arm.

"A few days. Try today. I have something to tell you," Soren ordered. A lot of people were willing to follow his orders, unfortunately, his son, Mike, wasn't one of these people.

"I can't make it today, I have other plans," Mike instantly opened his eyes and answered. Today was a big day for him, he was already busy.

"What plans?" asked Soren.

Mike wasn't planning to tell his father before it was done. So he answered, "Fine, Dad, I'll come by tonight. I have a surprise for you."

"What surprise? As long as you don't give me a heart attack," said Soren. There was nothing he could do about his son, other than agree. "Okay, tonight then. And don't come by too late,"

"I know. Listen I'm fading fast, so I think I'll try and catch a few more zzzs. Bye Dad." Mike hung up after he said that.

"What did your father want?" Amanda asked. She knew it was Soren calling just now.

"He wants us to come by today," Mike answered, opening his eyes again. The drowsiness was gone, he didn't want to go back sleep any more. Besides, today was a important day for him, he needed to get ready.

"So, should we head to his place first, then..." Amanda was interrupted by Mike before she could finish her sentence.

"No, I told him tonight," Mike looked at the clock on the wall and answered, "It's nine, if we get up now, we should make it there before ten."

"Okay," answered Amanda with a bright smile on her face.

Mike kissed her on her forehead, then they both got up.

Eleven o'clock in the morning, Amanda and Mike walked out of the marriage registration office, arm-in-arm, with marriage license in their hand and smiles on their faces.

"Now, we're legally married. Nobody can tear us apart anymore," said Amanda with joy in her tone.

"That's right, it took a lot of work to get your father's approval," answered Mike. At this moment, seeing the smile on Amanda's face, he felt joy like he never had before. Seeing her happy was everything.

"Everything we did was worth it. Honey, you're th

nections have some value," answered Soren. He was willing to do whatever his son and daughter-in-law asked.

"Thank you, Dad," Amanda said politely.

"And, another thing, we need to redecorate my room. We're going to live here after the wedding," said Mike.

"Yeah, I figured you would," Soren said firmly, "Sell your apartment, live here with me from now on. I've got so many rooms, you won't want to live anywhere else."

"OK, no problem," Mike said.

Seeing how thoughtful his son was and how nice his daughter-in-law was, Soren never felt more satisfied than he was right now.

Standing on the balcony of the second floor, Mike enjoyed the view outside the window, and called Lawrence.

"Hi, Mike," Lawrence picked up right away.

"Remember when we made a bet about who'd be married first? I just won that bet," said Mike quietly.

"Amanda's father agreed?" asked Lawrence. Although he wasn't surprised at all, he knew Mike could do it.

"Yes, Mandy and I already have our marriage license," said Mike and smiled. He wasn't bragging.

"Congratulations," said Lawrence. They knew each other too well, there was no need to say anything else.

"But until I held that piece of paper in my hand, I didn't realize how much she means to me. That was when I understood that everyone has their own muse, you just need to fight with all you got to have her," said Mike profoundly.

"Mike, I know she is your muse, she'll bring you good luck," said Lawrence. If there was one thing he knew, he knew women. Amanda was perfect for Mike, and they were going to have a wonderful life ahead of them.

"Yeah, she's my one and only," answered Mike, "Lawrence, you know, I'm so lucky too have you, Mandy and Dad in my life. To me, you guys are the best. I'm glad we met."

"Bro," replied Lawrence. The word was fraught with meanings. They were more than friends. Brothers to the end.

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