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   Chapter 1005 Aria's Decision

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 12000

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In a city of western Europe, Aria resided in an ancient villa situated beside a lake. She reclined on a soft silk couch in the living room, engrossed in her economic textbook as she occasionally voiced out a few English words.

Selina walked down the stairs in her blue cotton slippers. She wore a white lace blouse with a black mid-length skirt, looking the picture of elegance.

"Aria," Selina called out, smiling warmly as she caught sight of the girl sitting in the living room and studying.

Aria raised her head and saw Selina coming downstairs. With a sweet smile, she responded, "Aunt!"

"You're reading. You didn't take a nap, did you?" Selina asked her. She herself had just woken up from her afternoon siesta.

"No, I didn't. I have a test tomorrow, so I was reviewing my lessons," Aria said.

Selina walked into the living room and made her way over to Aria. Taking a seat beside her, she grasped her hands gently. "Don't push yourself too hard," she said amiably. "You should take care of your health too."

"I'm fine, Aunt," Aria reassured Selina, shaking her head.

After hesitating for a long time, Aria mustered up some courage and asked, "Have you thought about what I mentioned to you the other day?"

Upon hearing this, the smile on Selina's face vanished slowly. "Are you sure about what you said?" she asked, as she looked into Aria's eyes solemnly.

"Yes, I have made up my mind," Aria said, nodding vigorously. There was perceptible resolve both in her voice and on her expression. There was no doubt in her mind about what she had to do next.

"I don't think it's such a good idea. There are a lot of risks involved. You have been admitted to a master's program in this graduate school but it's not easy to live alone out here. You have to learn to fit in," Selina said, in two minds over Aria's decision. Cherry had asked Selina to take care of Aria, but now the girl had resolved to become a boarding student. What was more, she refused to accept any help from Selina or the Chu family, whether it was with regards to financial support or their numerous connections with influential people. She intended to do everything all by herself.

"I know all that, Aunt," Aria replied. "Just let me handle those problems on my own. Let me adapt to this country. I don't know what will happen next. Perhaps I will get into trouble, but that's okay. After I have experienced all that, I will become a better person. I will learn. You, Aunt Cherry and Uncle Wilson have helped me a lot in recent times. Thank you for everything you have done for me."

"Aria..." Selina paused. She wanted to say something that would persuade Aria to change her mind, but failed to find the words.

Ignoring the hesitant expression on Selina's face, Aria continued, "I want to fight for Lawrence, the love of my life, and our future together. In a short period of time, I've realized how ignorant and shortsighted I used to be. Now that I have a good opportunity on my hands, I want to seize it to hone and improve myself. I want to be excellent, so I can match up to Lawrence and his family." She met Selina's gaze and saw the concern that lingered in its depth. "I understand your concerns," she said, trying to soothe her aunt's fears. "I know you care about me and want to see me study in a comfortable environment. But sometimes, it does children good if you let them learn to be independent. Let me go so I can grow up. You are my guardian now. I hope you can allow me to live alone. I don't want to rely on anyone. I want to prove that I can work hard and achi

ked over to Selina, who stood nearby.

"Aunt Selina, go home. I will see you and Uncle another day." Aria gave her a warm smile.

"Of course. Do you have enough money? How about I give you..." Before Selina could finish her words, Aria interrupted her.

"Aunt Selina, I don't need it. Please don't worry about me. I can handle it myself." Aria was insistent she did everything on her own. "Please don't forget about our promise. You will keep this from Aunt Cherry, Uncle Jackson and others, won't you?"

"Yes, I remember. I won't let them know," Selina replied softly. Cherry would be upset if she got to know about Aria's decision. It would be hard keeping things from her friend, but if it meant it would help Aria grow, Selina would do it.

"Well." Aria grinned at her, already anticipating living at the campus. "I have a class this morning, so I've got to go. Bye, Aunt Selina!"

"Bye!" Selina waved at her as she watched Aria go inside. She still stood at the gate even when Aria disappeared from her sight.

Selina caught a glimpse of Cherry in the young girl. Wilson had told her that Lawrence's mother had refused his help, no matter how hard her life got. The difference was Cherry needed to support both herself and her son, while Aria only had to make a living for herself. Aria still had so much to learn. There would be challenges and ordeals beyond imagination waiting for her. Selina hoped Aria would hold on and succeed for the sake of her love for Lawrence. So many people had their hopes pinned on her. Lawrence, Cherry, Violet, Alice, and Selina herself. Everyone hoped she would come back home having tasted success.

Selina snapped back to reality and went to her car. As she drove alongside the lake on her way back home, she glanced at the exquisite scenery and murmured to herself, 'Come on, Aria, honey. We're all with you. I hope you and Lawrence will come out of this stronger and live happily ever after.'

Meanwhile, Aria stood inside the square located at the center of the campus. She glanced at the blue, crystal-clear sky overhead.

She was in an environment that was very new to her, but ready to meet the challenges ahead. 'Believe in yourself, Aria, ' she told herself. 'You have the strength to face anything that comes your way.

Larry... you will pray for my success, won't you? Wish me luck as I begin this new chapter of my life.'

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