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   Chapter 1004 The Finale About Stephen

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Cherry woke up early but was surprised to find that Jackson had got up even earlier. He was probably doing his morning exercises already in the courtyard. She got up off the bed to join him when the phone rang.

'Who would be calling this early?' Cherry asked herself but she went ahead and answered it.

"Hello," Cherry greeted.

"Hello, who am I speaking to?" Cherry heard an unfamiliar man's voice on the other side of the line.

"This is Cherry speaking. Who is this?" Cherry said, eager to find out who could be so demanding so early.

The man laughed a familiar laugh. "Are you getting old? You don't even recognize my voice anymore!"

"Stephen? Is that you?" Cherry called out his name. "Why are you calling this line? You know my cellphone number."

"I wanted to play a trick on you. There's no number display on the phone so you won't know who was calling. And I pretended not to know you," Stephen laughed. "Looks like you don't know me either!"

"Don't you have work and better things to do? I can't believe you actually took the time so you can play a joke on me!" Cherry made fun of him.

"I called because I needed to tell you my news," Stephen said.

"What is it?" Cherry was confused and wondered what his news was.

"I have our tickets and we're leaving tomorrow. We'll be there by tomorrow afternoon!" Stephen announced.

"What? Are you serious?" Cherry screamed. "You're really coming back?"

"Am I not welcome there anymore?" Stephen pretended to sob.

"Of course, you're always welcome here! I'm just surprised. I did not expect you'll be coming home and so soon!" Cherry exclaimed with a bundle of emotions.

"Remember when I left? I told you I'd come back," Stephen reminded her. "And now I will be back tomorrow!"

"This is so great!" Cherry stopped herself from jumping up and down the whole time. "I'll book you a hotel now. And Jackson and I will pick you up from the airport!"

"Yeah, you better get us from the airport!" Stephen answered. "But don't worry about a hotel for us. Francis has already talked to his friend about making arrangements for us."

"Stephen! Aren't we supposed to be friends? What? What for? We could have arranged it for you! Jackson and Derek can take care of everything. We're your friends, aren't we?" Cherry was a little annoyed that Stephen didn't call them earlier to arrange his trip. He knew she liked doing it for him but he didn't give her a chance.

"Of course you are! We're friends for life. It's just my son's friend offered. Actually, you know his friend. And it was hard to say no," Stephen tried his best to explain to Cherry.

"I know your son's friend? Who?" Cherry asked while she racked her brain for the identity of this friend.

"You'll know tomorrow," Stephen teased her.

"Okay, fine, I'll just grill you tomorrow when you get here. Send me your flight details and arrival time to my phone and I'll be there to greet you!" Cherry reminded Stephen.

"I will, see you tomorrow, Cherry!" Stephen replied.

Cherry still had a big smile on her face when she hung up the phone and when she went to the courtyard to share the good news with Jackson.

Jackson was stretching his arms when Cherry found him. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of Cherry but raised an eyebrow when he saw Cherry's big grin.

"Did you receive some good news? Jackson asked.

"Good news, darling! Big!" Cherry ran up to Jackson and hooked her arms behind his neck. "Guess what, honey? Stephen and Kalyn are coming here. They'll arrive tomorrow!"

each other. Cherry remarked, "It's so good to see you again, it's been years since we last saw each other!"

"I've missed you so much, Cherry!" Kalyn told Cherry in broken Chinese.

"Me too! I'm so happy I'm seeing you right now," Cherry beamed.

"Yes, Stephen and I have decided to settle down here," Kalyn announced. Cherry's eyes went wide and hugged Kalyn again. "That's amazing!"

It was only then that Cherry noticed Stephen, who had just greeted Jackson. Stephen turned to Cherry with outstretched arms.

"How about a hug, Cherry?" Stephen suggested with a big smile on his face.

Knowing he was joking, Cherry gave in and reached out to him for a hug.

Stephen turned to Jackson and said, "It looks like you're finally allowing other men to get close to your wife."

"Hey Stephen! You still haven't changed, huh?" Cherry teased.

Jackson smiled and wagged his finger at Stephen. "I'm giving you an exception. Just this once."

Stephen laughed at Jackson.

Jackson turned to Kalyn and gave her a hug, "Kalyn, welcome back!"

"Thank you," Kalyn replied to Jackson.

The two couples walked out of the airport and to Jackson's car, chatting away.

"We'll have dinner at our house tonight. Derek and Amy will be there, too. Just the six of us," Cherry told Kalyn as they walked with linked arms.

"Cherry, is Violet coming tonight, too?" Kalyn asked Cherry.

"She did call me this morning, asking what time dinner was going to start. So yes, I suppose she is coming," Cherry replied. She was surprised why Kalyn mentioned Violet.

"Okay, good!" Kalyn beamed.

"Why? What's going on? Do you miss my daughter?" Cherry asked, confusion painted on her face.

"Oh, Violet has our house keys. If she doesn't come tonight, I'm afraid we'll have nowhere to sleep tonight!" Stephen explained.

Cherry realized Francis' friend that Stephen referred to was Violet.

"Stephen, why didn't you tell me?" Cherry pretended to be mad at him.

"I wanted it to be a surprise!" Stephen explained. "Don't you just find it wonderful that the four of us are friends and our children are friends with each other, too?" Stephen asked.

"Cherry, Chu family and An family will be friends forever," Kalyn declared. She had a huge smile on her face.

"Yes, friends forever!" Cherry repeated what Kalyn said and saw the sincerity in her eyes.

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