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   Chapter 1003 Let Him Go (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6212

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Dan shook hands with Austin as he greeted back, "I am glad to meet you too, Mr. Elite. I have heard much about you"

"I'm so flattered," Austin returned, and then looked at Polly who was standing right behind Dan.

"Hello, Mr. Austin," Polly greeted politely as she studied the young man standing in front of her. She had found everything about Austin before itself. 'He is Lawrence's cousin. He has established his company abroad on his own and his company is thriving here. He is young, but not a simple person, ' she judged.

"Have a seat, please," Austin invited with a gesture.

Dan and Polly sat down opposite Austin.

"Let's get right to the topic about our cooperation," Austin began curtly, as he looked at Dan. Watching Dan nod in agreement, he proceeded, "I'm sure my subordinates have made it clear to you on this project. If you agree to work with us, we both will reap huge profits. It's true that my company will obtain more benefits than yours will. That's why I have invited you here. If you have no problem with our cooperation, we will have more chances to work together in the near future too."

Dan gave a subtle smile devoid of any expression. But he appreciated the young man sitting in front of him. 'He is speaking in a straightforward and concise manner. He is a decisive young man as everyone said he is. I have to admit that he has a good knack for business. He will not only get both of us to make the best out of this project but also bring the FS Empire huge profits beyond my imagination. He is a capable businessman, ' he brooded.

"Even if Lawrence had worked on this project, I don't think that he could have come up with such a brilliant idea to bring the FS Empire such handsome profits," Dan spoke.

Austin laughed slightly. With a straight face, he retorted, "My cousin is a much more insightful business

ong as he lives happily, I will be happy for him, ' she thought.

After a moment of silence, Dan turned to look towards Polly's side face. He asked, "Do you still care for him?"

Polly understood who her boss was referring to. Dan knew that his assistant hadn't gotten over Lawrence yet.

"I must be lying if I say no as the answer," Polly replied, "But it's time I let him go. I am and will always be a spectator. I am okay as long as he is happy."

Dan felt bad for his assistant. 'Perhaps Lawrence will never know that there is someone who cares and watches him. This woman never misses any news about him, even though they may be rumors, ' he mulled.

"We meet countless people in our life. But we will only find one who is the love of our life. We love that right person wholeheartedly and want to spend the rest of our life with him or her," Dan expressed, his voice devoid of any dismay.

"You have a point. He doesn't belong to me. It's my destiny. When I was fired, I was doomed to lose him forever. I am just a passer-by in his life, but he is everything to me," Polly responded sadly, as a drop of tear fell down.

Looking at the scene flashing in front of her, Polly continued, "But I want to let him go now."

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