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   Chapter 1002 Let Him Go (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6433

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It wasn't until 12:30 pm that Austin signed the last document he had. With a stretch, he closed the file. As he raised his head, he glimpsed at Violet who was sleeping reclined on a couch.

A smile beamed at the corner of his mouth. 'She is still like a little girl, ' he thought.

Afraid that Violet might catch a cold, he went to the lounge and came back with a blanket. He tiptoed to the sofa and put it on Violet lightly. With a satisfied smile, he sat on the couch, opened the food container and enjoyed the bountiful meal prepared by her.

The smell of the food made Austin feel more hungry. He wasted no time and ate the food with relish.

The smell of the food awakened Violet. Fluttering her eyes and opening them slowly, she found that Austin was almost done with his lunch and there was little food left in the container.

"Oh my god, you ate up all the food?" Violet asked as she quickly sat up straight.

"That's none of your business, I believe. Didn't you cook it all for me?" Austin responded as he continued finishing his meal.

"But you should have woken me up when you ate," Violet said with a helpless expression. She was feeling bad that she did not get a chance to join him for lunch.

"Cook more food next time. It's not enough for me to sastify my appetitie," Austin demanded. He didn't want to admit to Violet that the food she made was deicious. 'She is a good cook. I'd like to eat the food that she cooks next time, ' he thought.

"What do you think of the food? Did you like it?" Violet asked as she cast an expectant look towards Austin. She was expecting to hear some praiseworthy words from him.

"Not bad," he commented after some time.

His remark irked Violet. Angrily, she grabbed the blanket, crumpled it and threw it towards Austin.

"If it was not yummy, why did you eat it up so quickly?" Violet asked acidly.

"I was starving. In such situations, I am not very

Violet continued.

"I don't think so. Alice has high standards. She probably judges girls by their clothing. Since she is so particular about fashion, I don't think it's easy for her to find me a suitable girlfriend," Austin refused again.

"This way, when will you most likely settle down?" Violet asked anxiously.

"I will consider it only after Lawrence's wedding with Aria. I am not so eager to get married," Austin answered leisurely, shrugging his shoulders.

"You don't want to get married, do you? You know what? From now on, I wash my hands of you," Violet said resignedly.

"That's what I want," Austin returned gaily.

"You should always address me as Miss Violet, for I am much older than you, Austin," Violet demanded.

"That's not gonna happen. I will call you what I want to. Violet, Violet..." Austin snapped in return.


Austin had booked all the tables on the third floor of the Lavender Cafe. He and Dan had a business appointment there and he did not want any disturbances there.

When Dan and Polly reached the third floor, Austin was already seated by the window.

When he spotted Dan and his assistant coming his way, he stood up out of courtesy.

"Hello, Mr. Dan!" Austin greeted, offering his hand for a friendly handshake.

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