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   Chapter 1001 The Lunch Box Of Love

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All the people present were drinking and having discussions. Since it had been a long time since they gathered together like this, they all wanted to relax.

Austin walked over to Lawrence and sat down with a glass of wine.

"Bro, thank you so much," said Austin seriously, a major change from the naughty boy he used to be in the past.

"Yeah, that's okay but control your temper and don't piss Mom off," said Lawrence, who felt gratified as he could have a peaceful conservation with Austin.

"Okay, I know, "Austin nodded, "I will listen to what she has to say once she comes back. Don't worry. I won't worry her and I will keep the behaviors of you and Violet as examples."

Lawrence turned around once again to look at Austin. He thought, 'This guy is as handsome as his father. Although he is naughty, he is good at logic thinking and definitely a genius.'

"Though you can always live at the hotel, come home to live once in a while," Lawrence continued to say calmly but he was actually ordering Austin.

"Okay, to prevent Aunt from anymore worrying and coming out and looking for me," Austin replied impatiently. Suddenly he thought of something, immediately approached Lawrence and whispered, "Oh, Brother, I am going to share a secret with you."

"A secret?" Lawrence repeated and wondered what that secret was.

"When I was coming back this time, I met a person in the flight. It happened that the person knew you, saying that he was your classmate in college and he also knew Brother Mike," Austin wanted not to say the name of the person aloud for others to hear.

"My classmate in college?" Lawrence was a little confused, but then he immediately knew who it was after thinking about it, "Was it, Ryan?"

Austin had no trick to play this time, "Oops, you are correct, I was trying to trigger your curiosity."

"He came faster than I expected him to," Lawrence said. Ryan, who Lawrence had guessed, was infatuated with Anna. Lawrence knew he would come after Anna, but he didn't expect him to come so soon.

"I don't know," Austin shrugged to suggest that he didn't understand that, either, "Anyway, he said that he has come here for a girl. He looked very confident, so I guess he may be able to get the girl?"

Lawrence thought for a moment before answering Austin's question. "Not necessarily, the girl has her own interests in mind. If he wants to impress her, he has to think about how to do that."

"But I think Ryan is also very good. He is talented, and he comes from an influential family and seems to be a gentleman too. I guess there would be many women who would be trying to get his attention." Austin said.

Lawrence knew what Austin was trying to say. Austin had travelled all over the world and knew a lot of people. However, there were very few people who could impress him in this way. If he praised Ryan, it meant that Ryan did have some strong traits in his character to deserve the praise.

"Some people only want to win the heart of the person," Lawrence didn't say too much.

"I can understand, just like you and Aria, Greg and Violet, and Tim and Alice," Austi

ent Lawrence. He put an indifferent look while working and when he gave orders he meant business.

"Notify the Finance Department that I must see the report for this quarter before 5 pm. If it is not sent to me before 5, all relevant personnel will have to work overtime till they are able to submit it," Austin directly ordered.

"Yes," the assistant immediately replied.

"Get out now," Austin said as he began to review the documents.

The assistant walked out of the President's office with small steps and sat at his desk. He calmed down and began to work hard so as to meet deadlines.

Violet walked into the FS Empire with her lunch box of love at 11 at noon. She took the exclusive elevator to the President's office. Seeing that the assistant was busy, in order not to disturb him, she quietly passed by and directly knocked on the door and walked inside.

Austin replied and looked up. It was Violet.

"Why did you come here?" Austin asked and continued to keep himself buried in his work.

"Why cannot I come to the company that is owned by my family?" Violet asked back, then went to the meeting sofa to sit down, and did not approach Austin. "I heard that someone has been very busy for the last few days. I'm here to just show my care. After all, he is working for my family. So I personally cooked a lunch box of love for him."

"Have fun by yourself, I don't have time to join you," Austin's tone was not as naughty as he used to be earlier. He was much cold and strict now.

"Oh," answered Violet. Instead of speaking any more, she sat on the sofa, staring at Austin.

Perhaps this was the other side of his true personality. He was different in life and at work, like two people. He was lively and cheerful, always presenting a playful look when he met with people. But now he was cold, not allowing anyone to even get close. Though, he looked exquisitely handsome, serious, focused, sitting in the highest position. He seemed to control the business circle of the whole city just from here.

Seeing Austin's serious look, Violet smiled happily.

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