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   Chapter 1000 Austin Is Back (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6238

Updated: 2019-04-27 00:06

"My beauty, you are way better than those women. You are more elegant and refined. You have better taste in clothes. Besides, you are one of the top costume designers in the world. Do you think they are qualified to even compare to you?" Austin said emphatically, gesturing in her direction.

"Come on, Austin, stop being so flippant." Alice blushed and seated herself on the sofa.

Austin sat down beside Alice and told her about his wonderful experience abroad - his studies, his work, and of course, his girlfriends.

Ten minutes later, the door turned opened again. Hand in hand, Mike and Amanda entered the room.

"Mike! It's so good to see you!" Austin gushed as he immediately dashed forward, reaching out with his arms.

Amanda let go of Mike instantly. She knew everyone in the room except for the man who was currently sprinting toward Mike. She assumed he was Austin. Mike had mentioned him before. His father was Wilson, the CEO of H King Group.

"Ever so chummy, aren't you? Aren't you afraid Lawrence will teach you a lesson if you continue to be so cheeky?" Mike gave him a wide smile and pulled him into a hug. Lawrence and he had met Austin several times when they were abroad. It had been a couple of years since Mike last saw him and Austin seemed to have changed quite a bit.

"Of course I'm afraid of Lawrence! But it's out of habit. I can't get rid of it overnight. It takes time, you know?" Austin shrugged, making an excuse for himself unabashedly.

His eyes shifted from Mike to Amanda. "Is this your girlfriend, Mike? She is pretty hot," he said, nodding at her.

Before Mike could get in a word, Amanda intervened, introducing herself, "Hello, I am Amanda Wang!"

"Hi, Mandy!" Austin greeted her in a sweet voice. Hearing him refer to his girlfriend so intimately, Mike scowled.

Austin's eyes were still glued on Amanda.

in, not knowing how long he intended to stay. He hadn't set a deadline for the booked suite.

"Great." Austin beamed, making a sound of excitement.

"Listen, Austin," Violet cleared her throat, interrupting him eagerly. "You are not my wee little brother anymore, but you must listen to me. All right?"

Austin pouted, biting his lips as he nodded in agreement.

"Good. I will look after you then, don't you worry," Violet said.

"What will you do if Lawrence gets mad and lectures me? Would you back me up?" Austin blurted out suddenly.

"Normally, yes, I will side with you. But I will take Lawrence's side if the situation calls for it," Violet replied, not giving him a definite answer.

"I guess that's not so bad." Austin mulled over it, satisfied. "I am glad at least you didn't say you would always get behind Lawrence."

Austin landed his gaze on Greg next.

"Welcome, Austin. You will take charge of FS Empire and I will supervise you," Greg said, smiling at him insidiously.

"God! Don't scare me like that!" Austin cried, widening his eyes at Greg's tone.

They clinked their glasses and swallowed down the wine. The bond of kinship between them seemed to have cemented between them, only growing stronger.

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