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   Chapter 999 Austin Is Back (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6327

Updated: 2019-04-26 01:15

"I am surprised you didn't get jealous," Lawrence whispered to Greg in a teasing manner, nudging him by his elbow.

"It's Austin. He's Violet's cousin. I have no choice but to let him hang around her," Greg said, smiling humorlessly. Did it irk him? Yes, but he couldn't make a scene.

They enjoyed a beautiful meal together. After lunch, Austin pulled Violet to the study for a chat, leaving Lawrence and Greg to themselves. The two men had nothing to do at home, so they went out on a long drive.

In the evening, Tim arranged a party for Austin to welcome his return.

Lawrence parked his car outside the Southern Club. Greg's sports car soon followed.

The moment Austin got out of the car, a man in a blue suit standing at the entrance of the club caught his attention. He didn't seem to be as aloof as Lawrence, so Austin wondered if he would take more of a liking to him. Tim seemed to be more similar to Greg: friendly, but high-handed in character.

"You are Alice's husband, I am assuming?" Austin approached Tim, surveying him from head to toe.

"Hello, Austin. You look just like what Violet said," Tim said, offering him his hand.

Austin reached out and shook hands with Tim intently. The former rested his eyes on Violet, who was getting out of the car. "Did you blab all my secrets to him, Violet?" he questioned her severely, lips curving into a frown.

"Oh yeah. Were you so naive to believe that I would safeguard your playboy image between us?" Violet shot back, snorting. She cast Austin a disdainful glance and quickly turned away, ignoring his offended stare. She had her arm in Greg's and they walked straight to the club lobby.

Paying no heed to Austin, Lawrence too made his way to the club. 'I'm in no mood to entertain this guy, ' he thought as he followed Violet and Greg.

"Let's get inside. Mike will be here later," Tim suggested, smiling.

he? She looked around, wanting to throw something at Austin but found nothing.

"Then Lawrence would have been the lucky guy," Austin responded simply, hinting at his helplessness. He had no control over his girlfriends.

"If you dare introduce those women to us, I won't hesitate to kick you out of the city," Lawrence warned him coldly. 'We both received education abroad. How is he so different from me?' he wondered, rolling his eyes.

At the same time, the door to the room pushed open. Alice stepped inside, wearing a long black dress with a halter neck.

"Wow!" Austin exclaimed as if on instinct. He sounded astonished, as if he had found new land. Jumping to his feet, he made his way to Alice, looking at her up an down and began volleying compliments at her. "Look at this gorgeous lady! You're so hot! Are you a Hollywood star?

May I get your signature, madam?"

"Do you want to get your ass kicked, Austin? You are always surrounded by beautiful girls. Don't mock me!" Alice responded, narrowing her eyes at him, although humor shined in them. She was glad to see Austin, but was surprised at how much he had changed. 'So many years have passed since we last met. He has become even more handsome and smooth-tongued, ' she observed.

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