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   Chapter 998 The Big Devil Austin (Part Two)

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Arm linked into Greg's, Violet looked peaceful as they walked into the house. "Mom, Lawrence, we are back!" she merrily shouted.

Greg nodded at Lawrence to show his greetings and then turned to Cherry. "Hi Mom," he greeted.

"Hi. Welcome home!" replied Cherry with a warm smile.

Uncertain, Violet squinted at the dandy who had suddenly appeared to plant himself beside Lawrence. His flashy clothes gave him a queer look, by which one could almost confuse him for a woman. It didn't help that he was looking aside and Violet could not see his face.

"Who's this?" Confused, Violet asked Lawrence, trying to figure out the who it was.

"I am a little kitten. A little cute kitten," Austin joked as he turned to face her.

"Good gravy! Is this you Austin? Violet, not believing her eyes exclaimed.

"When did you come back?" she inquired pleased to see her mischievous younger brother.

"Jeez! You gave me the creeps with your flashy clothes, Austin!" she added jokingly as she reaching her hand to grab hold of him, but he quickly dodged.

"You brat, why didn't tell me that you were coming back?" Violet asked, now putting on a serious face.

"I asked the customer service to call you. Don't tell me they didn't pass my message," Austin explained.

"No, they didn't. But you should have called me personally. Is that something too hard?" Violet demanded.

"It was an oversight, but in any case, I knew they'd get in touch with you. But I guess I was wrong. Why would they fail to pass my message?" Austin rued.

Everyone else sat in silence while Violet grilled Austin. When Jackson and Derek came back to the living room, they also waited for Violet and her brother to finish their tiff.

Meanwhile, Greg sat there as a helpless bystander. 'This little woman stayed up late last night but she has the energy for a battle of words with Austin, ' he wondered. Just then, Austin turned to him for an alibi.

"Well, Greg can vouch for me that you're the last person I'd want to lie to! Would you doubt his word for it?" Austin asked with a mischiev


"Stay at home tonight! We will discuss about it tomorrow," Lawrence answered calmly.

"Yes, sir!" Austin nodded, a happy smile forming on his face. He had a card up his sleeve that Lawrence would satisfy his requirement. Since Aria was now with his mother, Selina and Lawrence still needed Austin's help. That small requirement would certainly be satisfied. With that thought, a cute smile played on his lips.

Suddenly, Violet asked, "Well, Austin, have you had something to eat?"

"Not yet dear, unless you mean what I ate on the plane. I am so starving,"

Austin jokingly replied, throwing the whole house into another round of laughter with his exaggerated tone and facial expression.

"Alright then. Come, let's go to have lunch!" Violet stood up and pulled his arm, leading the way to the dining room.

"Okay, my pretty sister," Austin said and gladly followed along.

On that prompt, Cherry spread out her hands with a slight bow and invited everyone to join her at the table, to which everyone obliged.

As?the?big?family?sat?around the table to a sumptuous meal, they chatted happily. Austin and Greg sat on either side of Violet, but all her excitement was on her younger brother. So Greg was left with no other option but to helplessly watch how the siblings got along. He wished to have his own kids grow up with the drama of sibling rivalry.

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