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   Chapter 997 The Big Devil Austin (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6704

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The door of the living room opened suddenly.

A tall young man, about six feet, wearing a bright red t-shirt and black chinos walked in with quick strides. The sporting trendy dark glasses he was wearing matched his golden hair perfectly, with which he looked stunning at everyone's sight.

When he found no one in the living room, he stealthily moved around.

Trying much as he could to remain unnoticed, he stole furtive glaces at every corner until he finally saw two men playing chess in the corridor.

Intending to give them a big surprise, Austin sneaked in without greeting, as he tried to find a spot to hide himself.

But before right in the middle of his mischief, Lawrence caught him.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Austin immediately played up to Lawrence.

In a feigned tone, he flattered, "Wow, look what a fine-looking man you have grown into! If I had your looks, I'd probably die of self-love like Narcissus." Austin's exaggerated facial manner outwitted Lawrence.

"You brat, you're ever so glib!" Lawrence helplessly shook his head and gave him a big hug.

"Lawrence, who are you talking to?" Cherry asked. She was busy cooking in the kitchen and was surprised to hear Lawrence talking to someone. Just when she walked out of the kitchen and wanted to check who it was, she was pleasantly surprised to see her nephew, Austin.

"Oh, my aunt, my beautiful aunt! Come on, let me hug you!" Austin greeted and stepped forward to hug his aunt.

"Oh, my! Austin, you finally come back! I missed you so much!" Cherry excitedly said. Then she took a closer look at him and realized he had grown taller than when she last saw him.

"It boils down to genes Auntie. That's entirely something that I have no control over and sometimes I wish I could," Austin pretended to be rueful. But in the real sense, he tended to self-obsession.

Knowing her nephew so well, Cherry lightly pinched his nose and feigning a worried look said, "That's a fib. Watch that you don't end up with

very best from her students," he warned. He knew Austin wasn't the kind of person who'd give up on fun easily. Not for something that requires time and discipline like learning the piano.

"Oh no!" Austin protested, shaking his head. "Well, forget about it. With my clumsy fingers that can't even hold a pen neatly, I think playing the piano is just way far from my reach. And it's worse, if learning the skill will eat into my time for fun."

While he was still talking, they heard the sound of a car parking in the courtyard. Intuitively, he knew it was Violet and Greg.

"Well, Uncle Jackson, Uncle Derek, I am leaving now. I have to surprise that beautiful doll." he excused himself and hastily walked away.

Before Jackson and Derek could react, Austin had already disappeared.

"It's clear, he is growing into a witty, confident boy with lots of potential," Jackson said with an impressed smile. .

"By the fact that he didn't receive the traditional education, he has turned out into a very open-minded person, which I think is a good thing. Perhaps we as a family should try and get used to his personality," Derek put in, looking contemplative.

"Anyway, he is just a kid, he still has a lot to learn. But on a fair score, I'd say he's doing really fine!" Jackson said. Indeed he liked his quick-witted nephew.

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