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   Chapter 994 Aria's Sent Off (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-25 00:33

Another busy week had passed.

The day was quite busy at the international airport. Some foreign tourists were taking pictures as they arrived in the country, while locals readied themselves for a security check before departing to their vacation destination. Greg and Violet walked into the airport lobby side by side with luggage on their hand; while Lawrence, Aria, and her mother, Kate, walked in right behind them. Lawrence was holding Aria's left hand, while her right hand was clutching onto Kate's arm.

As they were walking towards the airline check-in counters, Kate whispered to her daughter, "Take good care of yourself, okay? Remember to call me as soon as you land." Her eyes were starting to fill with tears, but she didn't want Aria to worry so she avoided her gaze all the time.

"I will, Mom. Take care of yourself, too. Don't tire yourself so much," Aria replied. This was the first time that Aria would leave her mother alone for a long time. She was worried for Kate's well-being now that the latter wouldn't have her around, but this was a trip that she must go.

Kate nodded and smiled at Aria. Knowing that Aria and Lawrence needed some time alone, she let go of Aria's hand and slowed her pace.

When Aria felt her mother's hand loosened, she turned around and saw her mother walking slowly but not far behind them. Kate gestured to Aria and the latter immediately understood. Aria approached Lawrence's side and hugged him tightly as they walked.

Lawrence was startled but turned around to face Aria and looked at her face as if trying to remember every detail of her lovely face. He smiled and said, "I'm sure everything will be okay. Aunt will be there with you and I will be checking on you all the time."

"Hey, don't look at me as if you won't see me again. We can always keep in touch. You can video call or c

go and smiled at her. She then turned to Greg and said, "Please take care of her. I hope that you will be happy together from now on."

"We will," Greg happily replied.

"Don't worry about us. You take care and enjoy. If there's any problem, just ask Aunt for help. Call us anytime if you feel homesick," Violet said, her eyes already filled with tears. 'She may be a tough girl but living abroad is not easy. She might have a hard time settling down there. I hope she will not be afraid to ask us for any help, ' she thought.

"I will and thank you," Aria responded.

After saying their goodbyes to Cherry and Jackson, Wilson and Selina joined Aria and they headed straight to the security checkpoint.

All them watched the three walked into the security gate. Their hearts sank in sorrow as they stared at the receding figures.

When the three were finally out of sight, Lawrence, Violet, and Greg took their leave first.

Cherry and Jackson exchanged glances and when the latter nodded, she approached Kate.

Kate started to feel nervous when she saw Cherry approaching. She thought, 'How can I deal with a woman like Cherry? I'm nowhere near her. She's elegant and rich, distant and untouchable some might say.'

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