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   Chapter 993 Happiness Is To Be With You (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-25 00:33

"Sounds great! Let them stay if they're having fun! Selina..." Cherry hesitated for a second before continuing, "I need a favor from you. It might be a bit difficult, but I hope you can help me." Cherry looked at Selina rather seriously, her forehead creasing.

"What is it?" Selina furrowed her brows, confused. She wondered what Cherry was going to say.

"Jackson and I intend to send Aria abroad for further studies. Since Lawrence is busy with his work, he can't go with her. We worry that Aria wouldn't get used to life there. I hope you can go with her and teach her the ways of living there. We trust you and your abilities. We'd be much assured to have you with her," Cherry said.

"So you are fine with Lawrence and Aria's relationship?" Selina asked, shocked. The disbelief could be?easily read in her eyes. How did Jackson and her relent to this?

"Yes, but we have a condition. That is, Aria must be qualified to be with Lawrence. That's why I intend to send her abroad for further studies. She would become an outstanding woman who would know how to live in our circles," Cherry told her.

Selina too thought about it seriously. Aria was a good girl, but she was from a very different background, while her nephew was a rare talent. Their marriage could cause quite an uproar in the elite circles. Cherry's decision was quite perfect. On one hand, Lawrence could still be with Aria, and on the other, her new qualifications would convince the noble elite that she was well-matched to Lawrence. They would not gossip behind her back then. Cherry was indeed shrewd to come up with this plan.

"Cherry, I couldn't agree more. If Aria wants to marry into Chu family and have the elite class accept her, she would need to improve herself," Selina said.

"Indeed. So, Selina, I want you to do this favor for me. Please look after her," Cherry said, her eyes pleading.

"Of course, Cherry. I promise you I'll go with her

by her side for every decision she made.

"Silly girl, it's what I must do for our son. It's our duty to help him out." Jackson put his hand on Cherry's shoulder and caressed her hair. He would stand with her through thick and thin. Loving her was what he was meant to do and their family was of utmost priority to him.

"I want to thank you. You've always loved and supported my every decision. I'm so lucky to have you," Cherry said, looking up at him. Her lips curved into a content smile.

"You are my woman, my darling wife. I will do anything to make you happy," Jackson said with emotion in his voice. All these years, his love for her hadn't faded a bit. It had only grown stronger. The love between them was impenetrable and could withstand anything.

"How could I ever repay you?" Cherry asked him seriously, biting back a smile.

"Just stay by my side and it's enough for me. When you're with me, I feel like my life is bright and full of sunshine," Jackson said as he planted a kiss on her forehead. He shared her sentiment. He was lucky to have her too.

His words warmed Cherry's heart. Slipping an arm around him, she buried her head to his chest, feeling his quick heartbeat. Just like Jackson said, when he was with her, her life was all sunshine and rainbows.

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