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   Chapter 992 Happiness Is To Be With You (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-25 00:33

"Lawrence, you can put your heart to rest. Once Aria comes back with academic success, you could begin your future together," Greg said to Lawrence. He was happy for his brother-in-law.

Lawrence had been troubled about their future for a long time now, trying to find the best of both worlds. But now, everything had been solved by his mother. It seemed her plan had satisfied everyone. Lawrence could finally be with Aria and no one would object to it, including the rest of the upper-class circle. They wouldn't make impertinent comments once they saw the new Aria.

A smile?spread across?Lawrence's lips. He didn't say a word and looked quite composed. His heart beamed at the prospect of their future together. Words couldn't describe how thrilled he was.

"Lawrence, after we have our dinner, you can choose if you want to stay at home or go to the apartment with Aria. I suggest you spare more time to be with her. She'll leave after your father and I make the arrangements. Go and be with her," Cherry said to her son. The die was cast. She had no reason to stop Lawrence from meeting Aria now. They were grown-ups. They could do whatever they wished to do.

"Yes, I know," Lawrence replied to his mother, feeling utterly grateful.

Watching their conversation, Violet walked over to her mother and put her head on her shoulder. "Mom, rest assured," she said to her sincerely. "When Aria comes back, the four of us will be committed to you and father. You will certainly be the happiest parents in the world."

Cherry's?lips broke into?a wide smile?at Violet's words. Holding her son's hand in one of hers and her daughter's hand in the other, she felt like she was over the moon. "I've always been happy with you two. Bu

" Aria prodded him, still concerned.

"Just relax. I know what to do," Lawrence assured her Suddenly, he picked her up in his arms and headed toward the bedroom.

Aria nestled into his arms, sighing. She felt at home.

Soon, moans could be heard from the room. The scent of love emanated in the air.

The following morning, Cherry got up very early. After having a simple breakfast, she went out in haste.

When she arrived at Yuwen villa, she was told that Wilson had gone out on business. Only Selina was home.

"Cherry, I thought you wouldn't come until noon. I didn't expect you to be so early!" Selina was a little surprised to see Cherry come to see her this early, but she was excited. She could have a chat with her best friend all alone now.

"I came for something urgent," Cherry said, smiling at her widely. She took Selina's hands and sat on the couch in the corridor with her. "When will Uncle and Mom come back?" Cherry asked.

"I don't know yet. They've been in Taiwan for a week now. Their friends asked them to stay for some more days. Let's just wait for their call. I will pick them up from the airport when they fly back."

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