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   Chapter 989 The Most Awaited Meeting – Aria Meets Cherry (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 7112

Updated: 2019-04-24 03:50

Aria was standing by the door of the Maple Cafe for several minutes, hesitating to go inside. She looked through the window and saw that there were not so many guests in the cafe at that time. But it wasn't the crowd she was anxious about. It was the thought of meeting Lawrence's mother that put butterflies in her stomach. Cherry was not only Lawrence's mother, but she was the most respected and well-known woman in the city.

But Aria could not just stand there forever, so she summoned all the courage and walked in.


A waiter approached her and greeted her warmly.

"Hi! I'm here for Mrs. Chu," Aria replied politely.

The waiter looked at the guest book, smiled and then said, "Oh, you must be Miss Aria. Am I right? Please follow me, Miss,"

the waiter said as he led Aria to the second floor.

Cherry had seen Aria being led by the waiter to where she was sitting.

"Mrs. Chu, your guest has arrived," the waiter politely said to Cherry. Aria appeared after the waiter announced her.

"Okay, thank you," Cherry replied and turned to look at Aria.

"Nice to finally meet you, Mrs. Chu," Aria greeted politely and made a bow naturally. She had noticed that Cherry was wearing a simple yet elegant dress. From Aria's perspective, it wasn't a branded dress, but it looked very stylish and sophisticated on Cherry.

"You need not be so polite. Please have a sit," Cherry said as she gestured Aria to the seat opposite her.

"Thank you!" Aria replied and sat down.

As Aria was helping herself to the seat, Cherry was already observing her. Looking at her this close, Cherry could already see Aria's resemblance with her mother. She noted the light make up the young lady was wearing which highlighted her natural beauty. The structure of her face showed that she was kind, innocent, and selfless. But Aria was too timid, and Cherry was sure that the young lady wouldn't stand out in the crowd.

However, Cherry could somehow see that Aria was brought up in an ordinary yet peaceful family. She looked well-educated and well-mannered, which made her stood out among all the ordinary gi

amilies in this society. Though we despise it, we can't do much about it and we couldn't just ignore it. I hope this makes things clear."

Aria nodded. For Cherry, it was an unspoken standard. But for an ordinary woman like Aria, it was obvious that the rich and powerful wanted to maintain their family's "bloodline" by marrying within their league. And Aria understood it loud and clear. "I understood, Auntie," she responded politely, with a sad look on her face.

"Tell me, what kind of girl do you think Lawrence should be marrying?" Cherry suddenly threw the question to Aria to see how well she understood the situation.

"Well," Aria felt a little awkward because it was like shooting herself on the foot by answering that question honestly. But after thinking things through, she boldly said, "Lawrence is a very talented, capable, and outstanding man. His wife must share the same ideology as him. This way, she can support him with his business endeavors, and she can give him sound advice on specific matters."

Aria paused for a while and then went on, "I know that when he is stressed out, he is too much to handle. He gets cranky and throws tantrums like a child. So, his future wife must love and support him unconditionally. She must be able to read his thoughts, be with him at the time he needs her the most and must stay with him through ups and downs. I think that's the most important."

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