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   Chapter 986 Make A Compromise

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At the same time, Greg saw Cherry standing at a distance from him. She looked pale, like she was in pain. It was the first time Greg had seen her like this.

He ran over to Cherry and steadied her. "Mom, are you okay?" he asked with concern.

Bill stood beside him, not knowing what had happened. Cherry had been talking to Kate for a short while. Why did she suddenly seem so frazzled? What had happened between them?

Cherry didn't answer Greg. She just looked straight ahead, with a glassy look in her eyes. She was relying on Greg's support to keep standing. Without it, she might have fallen down within a second.

Greg immediately looked at Kate, who also looked shocked, unaware of what was going on.

"What happened?" Greg shouted at her. He was furious. He didn't care what the on-lookers thought. Who had hurt his mother-in-law?

"Greg, I didn't say anything to her. Maybe, Cherry..." Kate tried to explain herself, startled. However, just then, Cherry closed her eyes. It seemed that she was about to faint.

Greg was still staring at Kate when he felt it became more and more difficult for him to sustain Cherry. Looking down, he found that Cherry had blacked out. "Mom, Mom!" he shouted, panicking. He tried to wake her up, but to no avail.

Bill was flabbergasted and didn't know what to do. It took him a few seconds to calm down and react to the situation. "Send Mrs. Cherry to the emergency room," he said to Greg in a hurry, "She has been in low spirits recently."

Greg reacted to his words at once. He picked his mother-in-law in his arms and walked to the emergency room.

When Lawrence arrived at the hospital, Cherry had already been in the emergency room for half an hour. The door still hadn't opened yet, so Lawrence could only wait for his mother in the corridor. He had been pacing up and down the corridor, he was so worried.

The moment Jackson arrived, he shot his question to Bill, "What on earth happened?"

There was anger in his tone, but he was clearly more worried about Cherry's safety. Who was responsible for this?

Mrs. Cherry was going to meet Mrs. Kate. The two of them talked for a while and Mrs. Cherry's emotion got out of control. And then she..." Bill stopped. He didn't know why she had fainted either.

"I shouldn't have let her come here," Jackson said, shaking his head. He was filled with regret. Turning to look at Lawrence, he said, "If your Mom doesn't get better, you should be ready to face the consequences."

Lawrence didn't dare to speak. He had nothing to say. His heartache was no less than his father's. His mother was the last person he ever wanted to hurt. As far as he was concerned, she was the greatest person he knew. She had been his pillar of strength ever since he was born. She supported him through thick and thin. Without her, he didn't know how he would live.

Greg knew that Jackson was quite cross. He could only stand at a distance and keep silent. This was no time to get into an argument. Also, it was improper to blame anybody for this situation. His only hope now was that his mother-in-law would get better. If anything bad happened to her, he must take part of the responsibility.

The wait was long. They stood outside the emergency room, waiting for details on her health. Greg didn't go inside the emergency room to see what was going on, instead, he stood outside with his father-in-law.


e while when he had been waiting outside the emergency room, he had regretted choosing Aria as his girlfriend without his parents' permission. If being with Aria meant comprising his mother's health and safety, he'd rather give up being with Aria altogether.

Greg observed Lawrence's profile, not seeing a trace of pain on his face. However, Greg could guess how much courage Lawrence had mustered up for what he just said. Greg knew how painful love could be. How long had Lawrence struggled to come to this decision? He knew Lawrence quite well. He didn't make any decisions casually. They were always well thought-out. Lawrence must have pondered over this for a quite while. He couldn't have convinced himself to do this otherwise.

The ward grew silent. Nobody said a word. It was so quiet that one could listen to another's breath.

"Jo - Lawrence," Cherry called out to her son tenderly.

"Mom, I am here," Lawrence was surprised but he answered immediately.

"Do you trust your mother?" Cherry looked at her son with affection brimming in her eyes. She had given birth to Joe. She had brought him up and knew him very well.

"Yes," Lawrence said, nodding quickly.

"Then -" Cherry's body still felt weak, so she paused for a second, before adding, "Don't interfere. Let me deal with this matter. You would be satisfied with my decision."

"Okay," Lawrence said to her without hesitation. He believed his mother. She was the last person who would want to bring him harm.

Seeing the expression on Lawrence face, Cherry smiled widely.

"Joe, Violet and Greg, could you go outside now? I have to talk to your Dad about something," she said. She looked over to Bill and said, "Bill, you could go out too."

"Yes, ma'am," Bill said, nodding respectfully.

Violet was a bit unwilling to leave her mother. "Mom," she said, "We will be in Greg's office waiting for you. When you are done taking the infusion, we'll come and drive you both home. Greg and I will stay with you guys tonight."

"Sounds good, honey," Cherry said, still smiling. Only Jackson could tell she was trying not to express her pain.

"I will also ask Lily to make a delicious dinner for you," Violet said, smiling back.

"Sure. It is up to you," Cherry replied.

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