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   Chapter 985 It Can't Be

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In the morning when Cherry woke up she didn't find Jackson in the bedroom. 'He must be working out in the yard as is his habit. The way he insists on morning exercise is almost an addiction, ' she thought.

After freshening up, she got dressed and came down the stairs, where she found Lily cleaning up the living room.

But as she looked around she was surprised that there was no one else. Turning to Lily, she asked, "Where is Lawrence, Lily?"

"Lawrence was here, but he left for work soon after breakfast," Lily replied.

"Well, I see," Cherry returned courteously before making her way to the front door.

Standing at the doorstep, she basked in the warm sunshine, a quiet, restful look on her face. As she savored the fresh air, it seemed every breath she took seemed to wash away unpleasant memories of the recent past. Speaking to herself, she declared, "It's a good day."

On return from his morning exercise, Jackson quietly walked up to within a few meters of the doorstep before she noticed him. "Hi," he greeted. "You seem hypnotized, honey! What's got on your mind so early in the morning?" he inquired.

"Nothing my dear," Cherry started, before adding, "I'm just enjoying the warm sunshine, while I catch some fresh air." "Why did you not sleep a little longer?" Jackson asked. "I hope you're feeling better today, right?" he inquired some more.

Glancing her husband in the eye, she nodded. "I'm fine," she replied, her face brightening with a delicate smile.

"I'm glad to hear that!" replied Jackson. Affection written all over his face, he reached out a hand and held Cherry's shoulder. "Let's get inside and grab something to eat. After that, we can take a walk around," he suggested.

Then hand in hand they entered into the house.

They had breakfast together silently, after which Cherry decided to let Jackson in on what was disturbing her mind.

"Honey, I'll have to drop by the XS Hospital," she started.

"What are you going to do there for? Going to check on Violet? But she's most likely staying at home, while Greg goes about his work at the hospital," Jackson said. 'She must be missing her daughter, whom she thinks is at the hospital, ' he speculated to himself.

"No. I'm going there to visit someone else," Cherry replied frankly.

Immediately he read Cherry's thoughts. "Are you going to meet Aria's mother?" he asked in surprise.

"Yes," Cherry nodded.

"In that case, I'll come with you," Jackson offered. The thought of his wife visiting a stranger in hospital intrigued him.

"It's okay. I can handle it myself," Cherry turned down his offer straightforwardly. "If you came with me, Greg would know that we were there. That way, Lawrence and Aria Liu might panic. I just wanted to meet Aria's mother and ask her opinion on her daughter's marriage."

Pensively, Jackson knitted his brows. 'What if anything happens to her if I wasn't at her side?' he wondered.

When Jackson didn't respond, Cherry assured him, "I will ask Bill to drive me there. So don't worry, honey. I'm just going to have a talk with her. Nothing will happen."

'Now that I'm about to see Aria's mother, I'll have to throw all my weight behind Lawrence. In particular I'll have to give Aria's family the best of my support. They must be having it rough, seeing Aria only has her mother and no one else. It's only fair that I come in as Lawrence's mother to give my daughter-in-law a shoulder to lean on, '

e connections to the Chu family. Our dean pays extra attention to her. He not only offered her a job here but also asked the head nurse to treat her well. And now even Mrs. Cherry came here for her, ' she speculated.

In casual clothes Kate stepped out of the break room and went straight to the information desk.

"Where is my visitor, Lucy?" she asked with an affable smile, as she landed her gaze on Lucy at the information desk.

"She is over there," Lucy replied, gesturing at the back.

"Thank you!" Kate nodded and strolled towards that figure the girl pointed at.

As she approached, she addressed courteously, "Hello, I am Kate Bai. I heard that you..."

When she saw Cherry's face, she was too astounded to finish her sentence.

The moment Cherry caught sight of Kate, the calm, smiling look on her face faded away, quickly to be replaced by flustered amazement.

Meanwhile, Bill turned his face to Kate. He was busy observing Aria's mother that he didn't notice that Cherry's expression changed.

"Are, Are you Cherry Shen?" Kate exclaimed in amazement. She couldn't believe that she could meet Cherry face to face. When she returned from the coastal city where she had worked for years, she heard that Cherry had gone abroad. Never in her wildest dreams had Kate imagined she'd see Cherry again. Now almost thirty years had passed. After all those many years, Kate didn't even think she could recognize if ever they met. 'But now she is right in front of me and amazingly, she has only changed slightly. Despite age, even her eyes are still clear, ' Kate reflected.

"Why, Why are you here?" Cherry stammered, her body starting to tremble. Images from the past flashed through her mind vividly. The scenes of the younger version of herself, her living conditions back then, and the faces of people she knew began to flood her memory now.

Her head began to spin, faster than a gyroscope, she thought. To regain her footing, she took several steps backwards.

"Mrs. Cherry," Bill called out with a concerned look. 'Something is wrong, ' he thought, when he saw Cherry step backwards. On instinct he dashed forward and held her arm.

With her eyes on Kate, Cherry couldn't control the flood of emotions that coursed through her.

"Oh, no! No! It can't be," she screamed.

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