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   Chapter 984 Lawrence’s Change of Heart (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-23 00:36

"Your Father and I have agreed that we will never allow anyone to destroy the future we have planned for you," Cherry remarked, emphasizing on every word. She carefully selected these words as a reminder not only to Lawrence but also to herself. She loved her son more than anything in this world and never intervened with his decisions believing that he was wise enough. But all the freedom she had given him resulted to this. 'Should I wash my hands clean of this matter?' she wondered.

Lawrence didn't say a word because he understood where his parents were coming from regarding his life choices.

"You knew very well that your Father and I wouldn't approve of her as your wife, but why did you still pursue her?" Cherry scoffed. "When you reached your legal age, your Father and I agreed that we would not force you to marry because of business. We didn't have high-standards for any woman you wanted to date. All we hoped for is that you find someone who will love and support you unconditionally, and to whom you can confide your business troubles with and ask for sound advice. We don't need her to come from a rich family because money is never going to be your problem. We already gave you all our family businesses because we believed in you and you're doing very well, in fact. My only requirement is that she must come from good family background and with high education."

Lawrence stared blankly at his mother. What he heard from her made him realize the bad choices he had been making over the past years. 'I have been stubborn and selfish for considering only my happiness at the expense of my family, ' he pondered.

"Your Father and I would have chosen Anna for you, but not because of her father's money and influence. We don't need her as a tool to get her father's assets and business. In fact, we don't even care if her father decided to donate all his money to charity," Ch

others and wouldn't force them to do his will.

Cherry clearly understood her husband's doubts and respected his feelings. She realized that even as an influential and powerful family, they still needed to adhere to the society's standards and couldn't do anything about it. She was disgusted by that thought, 'What kind of society are we living in? But I cannot force my son to do things that will make him unhappy.'

"Are we really going to oppose Lawrence if he insists on marrying that girl?" Cherry asked as she turned around to face Jackson.

Jackson met his wife's gaze and saw the look in her eyes. He didn't know how to respond. 'I will not falter on my decision, but at the same time I don't want Lawrence to hate me, ' he thought.

"I don't want to force our son, but I also don't want others to speak ill of our family. If Lawrence insists on marrying that girl, we need to come up with an idea on how to block public opinion," Cherry finally voiced out her thoughts. "Whatever happens, we need to help our son," she continued with a pleading look on her face.

"You always favored him," Jackson grunted and smiled back at his wife. He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. 'I do hope I know how. God, please send me clues, ' he thought.

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