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   Chapter 983 Lawrence’s Change of Heart (Part One)

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Cherry broke into tears. As a mother, her only wish was to see her son live a prosperous life. But knowing about their son's choice of a wife was not what they planned for him. 'I can't let my son marry that girl! I don't see her as the right woman for Lawrence. How can she handle the intrigue and schemes of the wealthy clans with her average family upbringing? I've kept Jackson company over the years, and I've seen how things are in the high-class families, and Aria is certainly not cut for this. I've raised my son with all the best things in the world, so I won't just stand here while he gets himself an ordinary girl from somewhere. Besides, he is the future of the Chu family and everybody looks up to him, so the more reason why I cannot and will not accept Aria as a daughter-in-law! I won't let her ruin this my family!' she brooded.

"I know, honey," Jackson said as he comforted his wife with a gentle side hug. 'Of course, I understand how she feels. We love Lawrence and we only want the best future for him. And as his father, I want him to achieve greater things. Being the bearer of the Chu family name, he has many responsibilities on his shoulders, so I can't allow anyone to get in his way to success, ' he thought determinedly.

"Why is this happening to us? What do you think we should do, honey?" she cried hysterically, feeling helpless about the situation. She couldn't think straight. She could picture her son's gloomy eyes and she felt like her heart shattered into pieces.

"Everything's going to be all right, honey. Don't worry," Jackson said, trying to soothe his wife. He hugged her tightly, brushing her head with his hand for comfort.

Jackson and Cherry stayed in the room until the latter calmed down. When evening came and Cherry had finally gathered herself together, they decided to come down to the living room.

you still remember when I told that you're my only hope?" Cherry asked coldly.

"Yes, Mother. I do," Lawrence answered politely. 'Here's when she will persuade me to break up with Aria, but I won't dare disagree with her for the meantime. I couldn't bear the thought of my mom heartbroken because of me, and I will never hurt her again, ' he thought to himself.

"Do you also remember how much your Great-grandfather adored you? You are the bearer of the Chu family surname. You were born with a golden spoon in your mouth and you are destined to be superior to others," Cherry continued, as she was starting to get emotional. She paused for a while and after regaining control of her emotions, she continued, "You also understand that we are not an ordinary family. You are the future of our family. And your uncles and aunties have high expectations of you."

"I do, Mother," Lawrence replied politely like a child. He never felt this pressure from his mother before regarding his personal and business matters. He was free to do anything he wished and never got questioned for any of it. But after what his mother said, he then realized the weight he was carrying on his shoulder. 'I can't only think about myself, ' he thought.

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