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   Chapter 981 I Just Can't Do It (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6436

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An hour later, a car stopped at the gates of Chu Villa.

Following Jackson's order, Bill hurriedly walked up to the car. A man wearing black glasses handed him an information packet from the back seat.

"This is the information required by Mr. Jackson. Please hand it over to him. Good day," the man said in a professional voice. It held no emotion.

After Bill took the information packet, the car whisked off immediately.

After going back to the villa, Bill handed over the information packet to Jackson. He saw Cherry sitting beside her husband.

Jackson took it and scanned through the information carefully. He understood everything now. It turned out Lawrence had met that woman by coincidence.

His face clouded over immediately. He would never approve of his son marrying that ordinary, plain girl. Cherry sported a worried look on her face, sitting there gloomily. Bill and Lily, who knew what had happened, didn't dare get in a word when they saw their grave faces.

"Lily, take care of madam. I am going out," Jackson said to Lily. He was worried about Cherry, but he must do something about this issue.

"Yes, sir," Lily said, nodding.

Just as Jackson walked toward the gate, he heard a shout behind him. "Stop!"

It was Cherry. Jackson couldn't help but stop at her imploring voice.

After taking a deep breath, Cherry walked over to Jackson and pulled at his arm. She had pondered over what happened for quite some time and knew what she should do next.

"Darling," Cherry said, lifting her head to look at her husband. "Let me take care of this thing with Lawrence, okay?"

"No! Leave it to me. Trust me, I can handle it. You should take rest at home," Jackson comforted her. He knew that Cherry worried he might do something wrong, but he had Lawrence's good in mind.

Just as he was about to walk outside, Cherry seized his arm tightly, not letting him go. She knew Jackson was s

awrence replied, choking up with emotion. He didn't know what else to say. He could never repay his mother for everything she had done for him.

"You are my only hope, my only ray of sunshine. I have always been strict with you, even when you were a child. It's because I wanted you to be an outstanding and independent man who has a bright future. You were always under my protection. I shielded you from all harm so you never have reason for sorrow. I always want you to be happy and I hope you always see success in your life," Cherry said. She had been sitting here for a long time and had a lot to think about. Though feeling sad and distressed, she decided to face the present dilemma.

"Mom," Lawrence cried out softly, tears welling up in his eyes.

"You have lived with Aria for so long without letting your father and I know, were you worried that we would disapprove of your staying together? Did you think we would oppose you? Is it because you knew Aria's family background is no match for Anna's?" Cherry's tone was grim. As a child, when Lawrence did something wrong, she used to discipline him sternly. It had never failed. Perhaps it was a good thing to be strict with him on this matter too.

"Yes. I love her," Lawrence said, with no doubt in his voice.

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