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   Chapter 980 The Great Devotion (Part Two)

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However, Lawrence thought otherwise. "No need. I can handle it by myself," he said as he stroked Violet's hair tenderly. He noticed that her eyes were still filled with worry and asked, "What's wrong? Don't you believe me?"

Violet pursed her lips. She believed her brother, but it didn't mean she still didn't feel guilty for causing all this.

Finally, she said, "Okay. But I'm really sorry for everything."

Lawrence shook his head and merely said, "You are not sensible enough. I love you so much, how is it possible for me to blame you? Promise me that you will forget about this and move on happily. I will handle everything on my own," he said and patted her back softly. Violet was his one and only beloved sister, how could he have the heart to blame her? He only wanted the best for her. Besides, everyone in the Chu family adored her to bits so even if she might have done something wrong, they all loved her too much to even blame her.

A relieved smile broke on his sister's face. "Okay, I promise," Violet said.

At this point, Violet's phone rang in her pocket and broke them from their musings. She took it out and the display showed that it was from Alice, so she excused herself and went to the tea room to answer the call.

When she was out of earshot, Greg walked over to Lawrence, trepidation evident on his face. He asked worriedly, "What should we do now?"

Lawrence's eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. He then said, "There is no doubt that my Mom and Dad will soon know that Aria's Mom works in XS Hospital. Please go back to XS Hospital right now and if my Mom is there, try to prevent her from starting a fight with Aria's Mom. Please remember to protect her but at the same time, don't let Aria's Mom get hurt."

Greg nodded in understanding and said, "Alright. And what about Aria?"

"She should know how to face it. I am just hoping that my Dad won't threaten her," Lawrence sighed. He didn't worry about his girlfriend because he knew what kind of woman she was. What he was worried about was whatever his Dad would do. He knew what the man was capable of when he got angry, and it was beyond his control. That was not good.

The two men didn't say anything more and just stood there, eyes

oked at him with worried eyes and said, "Jackson, you have always been in control, haven't you? You've always believed that everything is entirely in your hands, right? You clearly know that Joe means everything to me that I even love him more than Violet. But now because of a woman, his future is about to be ruined. How could I let this happen? How do you expect me to just accept it?" At this point, hot tears had flown down to Cherry's cheeks as she repeatedly beat Jackson's chest with her hands in frustration. However, it still wasn't enough to let her vent all her anger.

Jackson just let her do what she wanted and held her tightly in his arms. He too, felt heartbroken to see her like this. The last time she cried was the day before Violet was scheduled to have an operation. Back then, he held her in his arms as she cried all her sadness away — she hoped that she, instead of Violet, suffered the pain. It wasn't until that the whole ordeal was done and Violet woke up in the ward after the successful operation that she cried with joy.

Now, it was like a repeat of that scenario as Cherry cried again, but it was because of Lawrence this time. It was his fault, he thought. After all, he had only focused on his business for a long time, ignoring his family and leaving Cherry alone to look out for their children and take care of their needs and education. When he realized this, it was time for him to make it up to his wife for the sake of her happiness and well-being.

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