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   Chapter 979 The Great Devotion (Part One)

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The floor to ceiling length windows of a luxurious villa allowed plenty of sunlight to pass through, illuminating the high ceiling living room. The sky was clear and bright blue and birds chirped happily outside. The day was sunny and lively, but the four people in the living room were dead silent.

Greg's feet were glued to the floor in trepidation. His partner's subconsciously chatty mouth unintentionally blurted out Lawrence's secret. When he realized what she had done, it was too late.

By the time Violet was done with mumbling, she noticed the strange expressions of her parents and Greg. She felt as if she said or did something wrong. When she sobered up and was fully awake after a few moments, her eyes widened in horror in realization, and the looks on her parents' faces made her want the ground to swallow her existence.

The strained, clipped voice of Cherry spoke first. "Who is Aria? Did your brother buy an apartment for her?"

Her daughter's jaw slackened for she was at a loss on how to answer the question. Greg, who stood beside her was the only one she could turn to for help, so she grabbed his sleeve and her eyes pleaded to him, "My darling, I, I, I ..."

Greg felt Violet feebly tug at his sleeve but he too, didn't know how to face Cherry. It was obvious to him that she was in a deep dilemma, but it was also hard for him to answer Cherry's question.

He stammered, "Well, Dad, Mom, it's not..." A deep, cold voice interrupted Greg's nervous one. It was Jackson, who decided to speak up about the issue after being silent the whole time.

His next words were a stern warning, "Greg, Violet, tell us the truth. If you even try to lie to us, then don't think about coming back home again," he said seriously.

Cherry got up from the velvety seat of the sofa and sauntered to Violet. She put two and two together and told her daughter, "I've been wondering why your brother stayed in the hotel instead of here at home, and now I know why. He has a girlfriend and his own apartment now." Violet gulped silently. "Tell me when it happened," Cherry added.

The beads of sweat on Violet's back seemed to double in number as her mother put her on the hot seat. "Well, Mom," her words came in broken parts. After all, she didn't have the courage to tell her parents the truth. She knew her brother wouldn't put the blame on her, but she still wanted to spare him and Aria.

Greg tr

yond Lawrence's control.

On the other hand, Lawrence had somehow calmed himself down. Perhaps he knew that his parents were bound to know it sooner or later. Since something big like a relationship would be impossible to hide forever, he would face whatever would be thrown at him bravely.

He looked at his sister in the eye and said, "Violet, don't worry. It's okay, I will handle it."

However, Violet was still worried and would take none of it. She said, "But, Dad and Mom looked quite angry, I am worried about Aria, she..." she finished, not quite sure what to say next.

Everything all came so unexpectedly that Lawrence knew he needed to solve this problem the soonest. He rubbed his sister's back and tried to reassure her by saying, "Don't worry, she isn't stupid. She knows how to face Mom and Dad," he finished.

Violet still wasn't fully convinced, "Brother, are you sure that you can successfully persuade Mom and Dad?" she asked anxiously.

Lawrence dropped the hand that was rubbing her back and stroked his forehead. "I am not so sure," Lawrence answered honestly, "But I will tell them the truth and try my best to persuade them."

Greg remained quiet from where he stood. He wasn't sure of what to say.

Violet's eyes were filled with resolution despite their current predicament. "Brother, Dad and Mom will surely call you and ask you to come back home later. I can go with you if you need me, and I will speak for you," she said. She was ready to face their parents and whatever consequences awaited. After all, she should take the responsibility for the mistake she had done.

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