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   Chapter 978 Divulge The Secret Unintentionally (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6413

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They were so enchanted with chitchat that no one noticed the time flying.

Not until Aria said she was hungry did the four realize it was time for dinner. So they decided to go for dinner, and they were joined by the men.

After dinner, they bid each other goodbye and went home respectively.

As they stood at the gate, Violet turned to look Greg in the eyes and sweetly asked, "Darling, shall we go to your home or my home?" "You are the boss,"

Greg replied. He then wrapped his?arms?around her?shoulders and cuddled?her. "You drank quite some wine tonight, honey?" Greg asked looking at her flushed face.

"Then go to my home. I miss my parents," Violet announced as she snuggled into Greg's arms.

"Okay, let's go!" They then got into the car and drove away.

Mike drove Amanda in his car.

"I'll drive you home," Mike declared as he got into the driver's seat.

"Mike," Amanda whispered tenderly. "I want to go to your apartment tonight!"

Taken by surprise, Mike took a look at Amanda and noticed she wasn't kidding, by the look in her eyes.

Blushing, he looked straight ahead and stepped on the gas.

But insistent, Amanda softly rested her arm on his shoulders and pleaded, "I can't wait to be with you."

For a moment Mike hummed a familiar tune, before stealing one more glance at her. "Are you sure?" He asked tenderly. Since Amanda's family didn't approve her dating him, he knew she'd cross them even more, if she went home with him. And he was cautious not to get into their bad books and in this manner put the new relationship on the line. Preferably, he'd wait for her parent's green light. But in case Amanda was serious about going to his apartment tonight, he'd not object to her intentions.

"Yes, I am!" Amanda replied with a resolute expression.

With that confirmation, Mike didn't say another word. Instead, he drove directly to his apartment.

When they arrive

now on, I want you to know that I'm committed to you. As for what hurdles we may face, trust me lead the way. You can now safely snuggle into my arms and live happily ever," he assured.

It was an oath to their love.

At that assurance, the cute smile on Amanda's face beamed even brighter.

Turned on by that sweet smile, Mike couldn't help but make love to her again.

Elsewhere, in Chu family villa, Violet rubbed her sleepy eyes and went downstairs with Greg.

"Good morning, Dad and mom," she greeted her parents lazily.

"Dad and Mom," Greg echoed in greetings to Jackson and Cherry. They had talked late into the night about their future and still felt listless, so he decided to stay at home and take a rest.

"Morning? Look at the time, it's already noon!" Cherry said grumpily. Seeing her drowsy looking daughter, she was concerned. "Where did you disappear to last night? Couldn't you have told us in advance? I wouldn't even know you were at home if I didn't hear it from Bill this morning."

"Whoa, I went to have dinner with Lawrence and Alice last night," Violet replied, with heavy eyes. She felt so sleepy, she'd have to rest through the day. "After that, Lawrence and Aria went back to their apartment and Greg and I went back," she added.

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