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   Chapter 977 Divulge The Secret Unintentionally (Part One)

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"Alice, how about you take me to Paris and let me be your model?" Violet teased her.

"No problem at all! You have such a curvy figure!" Alice smiled and then turned to look at Greg and joked,"I wonder if someone would be willing to part with you for a month."

"Of course not, I'd be reluctant to leave her. She is my life and honestly I wouldn't know how do I live without her?" Greg replied immediately, cutting the look of a very serious man.

"You are the best, my honey!" Violet said to him in a flirtatious tone. She then put aside her iPad and wrapped her arms around Greg's neck and gave him a peck on the cheek.

A?smile?of?joy?beamed?across?Greg's?face as he savored the sweet kiss. He looked at Tim and Alice and flaunted,"See? This is the woman who fulfills all my dreams. Her brother Lawrence doted on her before she got married to me and now it's my turn to treat her like a queen and spoil her some more."

To which Alice giggled and replied,"Violet is our precious princess and all of us should spoil her."

The door of the room was pushed open at that time and all of the four of them stared at the door.

"Oh it's Aria," Violet called out her merrily.

"Hi Violet," Aria genially greeted, with a big smile on her face. She then turned to Alice and said,"Alice, you two came early!"

"Sure. It's our happy party and we're putting in all the energy," Violet replied, as she clasped her hand into Aria's.

"This is my husband's restaurant and I will be your hostess for the night," Alice added.

The three women chatted happily among themselves, except Amanda who walked in a little later, flanked by Mike. She was somewhat uptight at the beginning, this being her first time to meet Mike's friends.

"Violet," Greg called his wife in a low voice. He had noticed the uneasiness on Amanda's face and he winked at Violet to greet Amanda.

As if she read what was on

stressed out, he can send Violet back to Chu family. We can afford her!" Lawrence said nonchalantly while sipping his wine.

"No, I didn't say it! And I will never feel stressed out by doting on my woman! She is my wife, and she is in the Xiao family to stay. No one can take her away from me!" Greg protested, throwing in a bossy air.

Ignoring the men, the four women chatted happily.

"In my experience, by designing clothes for the leading female pop stars, I've learned to embrace every artiste with her unique style. No one wants to strut the red carpet or grace dinner parties in drab looking clothes that everyone else has. But it's always a worthwhile challenge for as longer as you know what your client wants. Very few things could give me as much satisfaction," Alice gossiped.

"I'd personally have a hard time adjusting to some of those designs that show a little more cleavage, a little more flesh!" chipped in Aria, curious to learn from someone with vast experience in the field.

"Aria, you are so open!" Violet exclaimed and tittered as if she was innocent.

"Are you trying to pull my leg? After living in Hong Kong for all those many years, I can't figure out why and how you're still as conservative as anyone could be?" Aria retorted.

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