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   Chapter 976 We Will Get Married (Part Two)

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The white Lamborghini cruised steadily down the smooth, spacious road. Aria gazed at the outline of Lawrence's side face, only half-aware of the surroundings outside. Lawrence's frigid mood filled the silence that surrounded them.

Aria sighed and turned to look straight ahead. She realized she had no idea where they were headed. Puzzled, she regarded Lawrence once more. "Where are we going?" Aria asked, as she tilted her head. 'I wonder where we're headed. This does not lead to either my company or our apartment, ' she thought.

Lawrence continued to stare straight ahead. He did not respond, but slowed down and pulled over by the curb.

"Do you personally know Dan Huo? Have you met him before?" Lawrence carefully asked. He kept his grip on the steering wheel.

Confused, Aria answered, "I have never even heard of him before. I only got to know him because of this project."

"Give it up. Give up this project," Lawrence silently commanded. His voice sliced through the quiet rumble of the car's engine. "I will sign a contract with you. It'll be a deal between your company and my company. You don't have to worry about your company's loss with this project."

"Oh. But..." Aria blinked. She hesitated, and she was baffled as to why Lawrence suddenly wanted to intervene with her work. He had never done so before. She wanted to disagree and argue, but she sensed how infuriated Lawrence was. She didn't want to provoke him further so she opted not to. Instead, she decided to try to reason out with him. She said warily, "We actually had a productive talk. Dan was really pleasant to talk to. If Anna hadn't arrived, he would have already signed the contract."

"It doesn't matter. Give up this project, Aria. Just listen to me," Lawrence decidedly responded. He turned to meet Aria's gaze. 'I'm trying to protect her. I don't know whether Dan has let the past go or not. But I can't risk it. It might put Aria in danger. She would not survive this game wealthy families like to play, ' he resolved.

"But.." Aria started. She was about to look away, but Lawrence turned her face and held her gaze. He did not let her finish.

"I will sign a contract

I promise you that we will have our own child and I will treat you and our child equally well."

Lawrence's words touched Aria. She felt her heart pounding with too much love and happiness. Excitedly, she said, "I know. I know you're doing all of this for me, for my safety. I love you."

She could not help but express her love for him. She felt so lucky. She leaned closer and tenderly kissed his lips.


The city was illuminated with the glow of the velvet night sky. With a faint lingering sparkle of light, four people were sitting by a window. Inside a VIP room at a five-star luxury hotel, their voices resonated with a merry chitchat.

"Violet, where are Lawrence and Mike? Why are they still not here?" Nestled in Tim's arms, Alice asked impatiently.

"Who knows? I think they are on their way. Mike needs to pick up Amanda, and Lawrence needs to pick Aria up. Be patient. We can drink together when they are here," Violet responded lazily without looking. She was playing intensely on her iPad. She was so engrossed in the game that she wouldn't even look at Greg.

"I heard there will be a fashion show in Paris. When are you going there, Alice?" Greg asked. He remembered that Tim called and told him about this.

"Next Tuesday. I booked the flight before coming here," Alice replied, looking at Greg. After a pause, she shifted her gaze from him to his wife. "We will not be able to see each other in a month, Violet."

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