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   Chapter 975 We Will Get Married (Part One)

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Aria blinked as she looked at Lawrence. She gestured towards Dan and meekly replied, "Mr. Dan is my client on the project that I have been working on recently." She knew how to properly act based on how she assessed a situation.

"Is everything good? Are you done here?" Lawrence asked. He shifted closer to Aria and placed his hand around her waist. He had already sensed the helplessness in Aria's eyes. He recognized the fluster in her voice. 'She must've been hurt by Anna's affronting words. I know that Aria is eloquent enough on her own, but I also know how high Anna's temper could flare up, ' he pondered.

Aria smiled at him and replied, "Yes, we are."

Amidst all this, Dan kept his composed look towards the couple. Next to him, Anna was furious. She sat there with clenched fists under the table. She was looking at the two with an intense indignation in her eyes. 'He didn't even greet me, he didn't even mind me. It's like I am not even here. He won't look at me! How could he hold her like that in front of me!' she mulled over her head.

"So can we go now?" Lawrence continued to persist.

Aria responded with a nod. She turned towards Dan and smiled politely. "Please call me when you've made up your mind. So that we can discuss about it further," she courteously said.

Dan inclined his head in agreement.

Lawrence turned and regarded Dan. "Let us drink together next time," he said coldly.

"That's a good idea. I'm sure we will have a good time," Dan nodded in return. He sat up as a gesture of respect towards Lawrence. 'After what happened between us, I personally don't like him. But I have to reattain my friendly relationship with him if I want to continuously develop my business in the city. I have to show him respect, he's a big shot in this city and that would help my dealings a lot, ' he contemplated on.

Lawrence nodded curtly, "See you next time." He tightened his grip at Aria's waist and gently led her out.

Anna was rooted to her seat with her mouth agape. She narrowed her eyes as she steadily watched the two move further away from them. Her face filled with indignation and jealousy. 'How could he walk away without even looking

id. 'She is a proud and ambitious woman. She had every right to want to prove herself, ' he perused.

"I thought that Lawrence would be able to wait for me. I never thought he would fall in love with other women. But I still lost his heart and here we are," Anna went on, her eyes glimmered with watery tears.

Dan diverted his gaze away from her in consideration. He wanted her to be able to let out her feelings, but he knew she was conscious of him.

"Honestly, I don't think men want the ones they love to be excellent and superior. On the contrary, men fancy their woman to be weak. This way, they can feel the need for their strength. Men want to feel powerful, they want to be able to be the one protecting their loved ones. It makes us feel satisfied. After all, men are conceited creatures," Dan voiced his thoughts. 'I have met different kinds of women, but I still haven't found the right one, ' he thought to himself.

"I guess you have a point," Anna admitted that what Dan said made sense. With a somber expression, she mumbled, "But unfortunately, I learned this too late."

After a sigh, they were both surrounded by a dead silence.

"I sincerely wish you luck in fighting for your love and I do hope you get him back, but.." Dan broke the silence. He stood up and was about to leave. "He really does seem serious about that woman."

After his statement, Dan immediately turned and walked away. Anna was left stunned and stung.

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