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   Chapter 974 Come To Aria's Rescue (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-21 00:32

"But we had a pleasant talk and you agreed to sign..." Aria tried to persuade Dan. But before she could finish her sentence, Dan motioned her to stop.

"I can change my mind at any time before the contract is signed," Dan paused to think. After a while, he went on, "I will give you my reply in two days."

The palpable echo of adamant resolution in his voice left Aria speechless. She had worked so hard to get this deal done. But now she felt her dreams right slipping through her fingers, thanks to Anna's meddling.

A deafening silence fell between the three, and for a moment time stood still.

"Why are you still standing there? Are you going to stay here and watch us talk about our old days?" Anna asked arrogantly, leering at Aria.

"Miss Aria..." Aria took a deep breath. Since Anna tried to embarrass her, she decided not to let it go. "I don't know why you came here. Are you really coming here to see your old classmate? Or you just want to put me down? But if you came here for the latter reason, I'd advise to give up as soon as you can. Once I make up my mind, no one can stop me," Aria declared decidedly.

'If she thinks she can get her nose into my cooperative project, she is mistaken. I won't let her ruin a deal, to which Dan was ready to append his signature. On this one, I'm not relenting, come what may, ' she resolved.

Bursting into a contemptuous laugh, Anna remarked sarcastically, "You're so stubborn, Miss Aria."

She tried to ridicule, but what Aria said next made her shut up.

"It is Lawrence's fault," Aria snapped sharply as she met Anna gaze. "You know that we have been together for a long time, and he always spoiled me."

Those words cut Anna deep to the soul. Instantly, her face twisted with jealousy. 'I never thought that Aria could be such a brazen bitch to show off Lawrence's love to her right in the place

e at this rate, ' she thought.

At the moment, Lawrence showed up in the exit of the restaurant.

As Dan and Anna caught sight of Lawrence, their expressions immediately changed.

Seeing that the look on the two's faces turned, Aria followed their gazes and saw Lawrence.

Aria's eyes lit up as if she found her savior. When push came to shove, she knew that Lawrence would choose her any day over this shameless blabbermouth.

With a straight face, Lawrence walked to Aria's side. He transfixed his gaze on Dan and then on Anna.

"You're back?" he began, settling his deep-set eyes on Dan. It was a greeting neither for a friend nor a stranger. In his eyes, Dan was neither a friend nor a stranger. Just a guy in-between whose existence was inconsequential.

In fact, the two had already moved on. So many years had passed, and many things had changed as well. But at least, they both saw there was no need to put each other down due to their grudges in the past.

"Yes, I came back a couple of days ago," Dan replied flatly, his voice devoid of emotions.

At that reply, Lawrence shifted his gaze from Dan to Anna briefly, before finally resting his eyes on Aria.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in a calm, tender voice.

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