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   Chapter 972 Unplanned Encounters (Part Two)

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Anna then said, "I've heard that Greg loves his wife very much." As she said so, she glanced at Melisa to comprehend her reaction.

Melisa found that she still missed the days which she had spent with Greg and she said, "If I wanted to stay with him, I may be able to succeed yet. After all, when Violet wasn't with him, it was me who gave him company and Greg never misunderstood me. So I believe that there is still a chance he might like me."

Anna asked, "Miss Melisa, do you know that Violet is Lawrence's sister?" Anna couldn't believe that Melisa didn't know this. She felt that Melisa's innocence meant that she was naive and after falling in love with Greg she had stopped thinking sensibly.

Melisa replied, "Yes, I do know that." At that time, she suddenly realized that she had said something wrong to Anna and Anna might have come to know her weakness by now.

Anna continued to ask, "Do you also know how Lawrence manages things?" In fact, all the rich and upper- class people knew all about Lawrence's way of doing things in this city.

Melisa nodded her head and she dared not say anything more, because she was afraid that she might again say something wrong and lose face in front of Anna. Thus, she simply replied, "Yes, I do know that too."

Anna didn't let her go and kept pressing, "If you try to ruin Greg's marriage with Violet, do you think that Lawrence will spare you? Do you think that her family will forgive and let go of you so easily?" Anna was holding her cup, thinking for a moment and then she continued, "As far as I know, Violet is the most important person in Lawrence's life. If anyone dares to hurt her, Lawrence will avenge her. Nobody knows what the consequence will be then."

Melisa couldn't help but shiver and she didn't know what to say next.

Anna then said, "You're smart, so I think I need not put it

eemed he was not willing to give her that.

Anna felt miserable inside and she cried in her heart. She murmured to herself, 'Lawrence, how can I win you back? How can we go back to the past when you still loved me? If so, I wouldn't leave you again. Instead, I would hug you tight and tell you that I love you, I want to marry you and be with you for the rest of my life.'

After quite a long time, Anna felt that she had stayed here for too long and she should leave now. She had to meet Lawrence in the afternoon.

The moment Anna turned around and intended to leave, she unintentionally saw two people not far away from her and felt that they looked quite familiar.

Anna stared at both of them and her face changed immediately after she figured out who they were. She was surprised and thought to herself, 'How could it be Dan? How could the woman in front him be Aria?'

Anna quickly calmed down and sat down. She fixed her eyes on the two people and took out her phone from her bag.

Anna dialed a number while she continued to stare at those two.

Lawrence's voice was heard from the other line, "Hello."

A smile curled the corners of Anna's mouth and she said, "Hello, Lawrence, guess whom I have just come across?"

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