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   Chapter 971 Unplanned Encounters (Part One)

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Hearing that the phone had gone dead on the other side, Aria hung up and murmured, "Well, why are you so arrogant? Lawrence is so much more powerful than you and he is successful too. And you are a minion in front of me. Do you think I will be afraid of you? If I don't want to earn money from you, I wouldn't even look at you, forget having any kind of conversation."

As she said so, she tried to calm down and got back to her work. She decided it was best for her to focus all her attention on Dan's project.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Aria left the company and drove to the address which Dan had sent. Fifty minutes later, she reached the designated tea room just in time for the appointment.

After parking her car, Aria took out a pile of files and entered the tearoom anxiously looking around.

One waiter greeted her politely, "Hello, welcome to our tea room."

Aria replied politely, "Hello, I have an appointment with Mr. Dan."

That waiter said, "Well, you must be Miss. Aria. Please follow me and I'll guide you to where Mr. Dan is." Then the waiter guided Aria to Dan's table.

Aria saw Dan was just lazing around, so she moved closer to him.

Aria smiled and greeted him, her professional air showing that she meant business, "Hello, Mr. Dan."

Dan looked at Aria and felt that even though she hadn't put on any makeup today, she looked beautiful. In fact, she was among the most charming women he had ever met. Dan also felt that her tone was now different from the one she was speaking to him in the morning.

Dan glanced at his watch and then said, "You've come ten minutes ea

him. His marriage decision is up to him and his parents. Though I want to marry him it is not an easy task."

Melisa said, "Well, you're right. If it was so easy, he would have been married many years ago since he already had so many women around him." Melisa knew that a lot of women had pursued Lawrence and many her rich friends also hoped to get a chance to marry him.

Anna then looked at Melisa and said on purpose, "Miss Melisa, I've heard that you used to be in a relationship with Greg Xiao. Is that true?"

Melisa admitted directly, "Yes, sort of. But that was in the past. Greg needed to participate in a lot of parties and I joined him as his partner."

Anna asked, "Then what about now?" She knew the answer to the question, but she still asked the same from Melisa. Because she wanted to know what Melisa would say and from her answer, she could know what kind of person she was.

Melisa felt awkward, looked around and replied, "Well, I don't feel like wanting to join those parties now. It's quite boring because all people at those parties are pretending."

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