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   Chapter 970 I Am Looking Forward To It (Part Two)

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"We will decide that after you come here," Lawrence said to her in a low, seductive voice. He pulled her into his arms and turned on the shower knob.

"Lawrence, you bastard!" Aria screamed.

"I could be more of a bastard," Lawrence whispered in her ear.

Soon, moans could be heard from the bathroom, mixing with the sound of flowing water.

In the bedroom, the table lamp was switched on. Lawrence lay in the bed with a petite Aria nested in his arms. She was exhausted.

"Larry," Aria called him in a low voice.

"Yes?" Lawrence replied.

"Do you still have a place for Anna in your heart?" Aria voiced out her doubt, wanting desperately to know what was in his heart.

"I did once, but not anymore," Lawrence told her without hesitation.

"Because she left you once?" Aria already knew about his past with Anna, having pestered Mike to tell her. With Lawrence's permission, Mike had told her everything about their relationship.

"It's part of the reason," Lawrence said. "After she left me, I was alone for quite a while. The feelings went away."

"If not for me, would you still have chosen her?" Aria gazed at Lawrence seriously, as if she could see right to his heart.

Seeing the eagerness in her eyes, Lawrence didn't want to lie. "Maybe. I don't know a lot of women."

"Larry, don't meet her now, okay? I get really jealous." Aria was brave enough to admit she couldn't live without Lawrence. Her heart had been captured by this arrogant man. She had once asked him to keep a distance from other women and he had always done that. He had never been on?romantic terms?with other women while he was with her. She never suspected him, but today, when she saw him kiss Anna passionately, her heart had been in turmoil.

Seeing the vulnerable woman in his arms, Lawrence wanted to say he would never see Anna again. However, what she was ask

n his heart what he had to do.

"Certainly. You promised me you won't give it to another company until we had the talk," Aria said to him insolently. Suddenly, she realized it wasn't right to talk to a client in such a manner so she softened her tone, continuing humbly, "Mr. Huo, I am keen to talk to you about the project. Could you tell me when you would be available? I can visit you personally."

"I will be available at 12 'clock today. I will message you the address. Remember, this is your last chance," Dan said to her sternly.

"Yes, yes. I will be there on time. Rest assured, you would not regret working with our company. I am sure you will be satisfied after talking to me," Aria said to him. She was confident about winning this deal. She had already met Dan, and he didn't seem to be a tough guy. Compared to Lawrence, who was likely the toughest guy in the world, Dan was a lot more easygoing. If Aria could charm Lawrence, Dan would be easy to persuade. And once the contract was signed, she would be promoted. The position of marketing director could be hers. Aria sighed to herself dreamily. She couldn't help but get excited at the thought.

"I am looking forward to it," Dan responded shortly and hung up the phone.

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