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   Chapter 969 I Am Looking Forward To It (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5988

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Lawrence's phone rang all of a sudden. He immediately answered it. "Spit it out!" he shouted at the person over the phone in irritation.

"Mr. Lawrence, we have found Miss Aria's car," the voice on the other end of the line said cautiously.

After knowing her whereabouts from the man, Lawrence wasted no time in starting his car and drove off in a great hurry.

He arrived at JG Hotel in no time, having kept his foot on the gas all the way. There were two rows of men in black suits waiting for him at the gate.

The moment Lawrence got out of the car, one of the men walked up to him briskly, leading him into the hotel.

"She used her friend's ID to check into the hotel. That's why we couldn't find her by her name. After some monitoring, we found that the person is actually Miss Aria. What's more, her car is also in the parking lot," the man reported to Lawrence as they walked toward the room to which Aria had checked in.

Aria used Charlotte's ID to check-in. It seemed she had quite a big brain on her. 'Is the apartment too small for her? Or does she like staying at hotels?' Lawrence wondered, unable to understand why she had come to the hotel. If she indeed liked to stay at hotels, he could ask Tim to suspend the business of an entire hotel just for her. He would give her the keys to all the rooms, so she could live there as much as she wanted!

When they arrived at the floor where Aria was staying, they saw the manager already waiting for them. If Lawrence just gave him the order, the hotel manager would open the door immediately.

"Open the door!" Lawrence told him furiously.

The manager swiped the key card against the door. It pushed open and Lawrence quickly strode in. The other men stood outside in respect.

He immediately turned on the lig

ou have affair with other women, I will seduce other men in revenge," Aria said to Lawrence in a threatening tone. She got off the bed and put on her coat.

"You won't dare!" Lawrence narrowed his eyes at her.

"Just you wait and see!" Saying thus, Aria walked out of the room haughtily.

As soon as they got home, Aria changed into her pajamas and walked into the bathroom. Watching her, Lawrence immediately took off his clothes and followed her.

"Lawrence, what are you doing here? Get out! I am about to take a bath!" Aria shouted at him. She saw that Lawrence was stark-naked.

"We will take a bath together," Lawrence smiled at her thinly. "Come on, baby."

"I won't take a bath with you! You are a wicked man," Aria said, refusing his offer. But a subtle smile could already be seen on her face.

"Come on, or else you won't like the consequences," Lawrence threatened her, his brows snapping together. This woman had already worried him to death tonight. How could she disobey him like this?

"You have to promise me you will behave yourself, okay? This is a bathroom. We will only be taking a bath here!" Aria was still a little worried. She knew how Lawrence was.

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