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   Chapter 968 Where Is Aria (Part Two)

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"Thanks. I owe you big time," Aria responded casually.

"Hey, at least tell me what's wrong. Did something bad happen between you and Mr. Lawrence?" Charlotte asked out of curiosity since Aria had been wearing a long face since she saw her. "Don't be too hard on him. I can see that he's madly in love with you, but if you continue to act like this, he might get tired of it and break up with you," she warned Aria for her own sake.

"Oh, really? Come on, Charlotte. Stop being too nosy," Aria snapped in a sour tone. She started her car and just drove away.

Charlotte shook her head in disappointment as she watched the car drive away. She shrugged and walked back inside the company.

Aria arrived in the hotel and went straight to the room Charlotte booked. As soon as she stepped inside the room, she looked around and smile satisfyingly. "I so love this place. Well done, Charlotte," she murmured.

Despite the beauty of the hotel room, Aria was distracted and thought that some sleep would help clear her mind off. She took her coat off and dropped it on the sofa. She took her phone out of her pocket and turned it off to avoid calls from Lawrence and then put it on the side table. Finally, Aria threw herself onto the bed and snoozed off.

It was already 8:00 p.m. and Lawrence just finished his work. He looked at his wristwatch and realized it was late. 'I almost forgot about our dinner at home. Aria must be starving already, ' he thought. He picked up all his stuff and rushed out of the office. As he was walking to the elevator, he thought of giving Aria a call and apologize for being late.

He took his phone out and dialed Aria's number. He waited for a second only to realize it went directly to her voicemail.

'Why is her phone off?' Lawrence was puzzled.

He only had one thought in mind and that was to see Aria's face. Since he didn't get to hear her voice over the phone, he quickened his pace to th

ard Tim's voice from the other line.

"Hey, what's up?" Tim asked.

"Hey, I'm sorry for waking you up. But go and find Aria in all the amusement places and call me back in an hour," Lawrence commanded.

"What did you say? Aria went missing?" Tim stammered. The news took him by surprise. His expression drove the sleep away from Alice.

"Immediately send your men to search for her. My men are now doing a search party, as well," Lawrence urged, dodging Tim's question.

"Okay, I will," Tim answered nervously.

Lawrence ended the call and put his phone back in his pocket. He sat quietly for a while assessing some things. He then rose from his seat and bolted out of the apartment.

The streets were more alive at night with local and foreign tourists everywhere. Lawrence was hopping from one amusement place to the other not to have fun but to look for Aria. He was hoping that he could find her but to no avail. No sign of Aria anywhere he went.

In his eye-catching Lamborghini Veneno, Lawrence pulled over along the end of the street. He stopped to think for a moment. He was angry and worried at the same time. He didn't know where to start looking and what could possibly have happened to Aria. He took a cigarette out from the compartment. He lit it and took a puff.

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