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   Chapter 967 Where Is Aria (Part One)

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"Did you go to school together, Mr. Dan?" Polly asked. Even though she was just Dan's assistant, Polly was free to speak up her mind. Dan had always been a good-tempered, easygoing boss. On top of that, he considered her as a friend and business confidant.

"Yes. We went to the same middle school. Speaking of which, Lawrence was also from that school," Dan replied and turned his gaze on Polly.

When Polly was interviewed for Dan's company, she noted in her resume that she previously worked as the chief assistant for the CEO of JC Group. Polly explained that she was framed up resulted in being fired from her job. Lawrence spoke highly of Polly and trusted her and believed that she was a quite capable woman who could handle her work efficiently. And Dan didn't want to miss such an excellent talent, so he hired her as his personal assistant.

Upon hearing Lawrence's name, she unconsciously shivered. After she left JC Group, she didn't want to associate herself with anything about the company, so she decided to move abroad. But fate wasn't on her side and she found herself back in China again.

Dan noticed Polly's sudden silence and asked on purpose, "Is something wrong? It seems like you still can't let go of Lawrence, is that right?" Before Dan hired Polly, he looked at her background and learned that she had a thing for Lawrence.

"It's not true. I've already moved on and I have nothing to do with him anymore," Polly replied promptly. "And as far as I know, JC Group no longer exists, and Lawrence is now the CEO of the FS Empire."

Dan stood up from his seat and approached Polly. She kept her head down trying to avoid his gaze, but Dan held her chin and gently lifted her face to meet his gaze.

"Are you sure you're already over him?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes. He didn't ask this question because he was jealous. He just would not allow any of his employee to associate with Lawrence who stole his girlfriend from him.

"Does it even matter? I know exactly what I feel and where I am," Polly replied firmly as she

the window but controlled her emotions and just gripped on it as tightly as she could.

After a long pause, Polly broke her silence and said, "Mr. Dan, I hope you did not forget the reason we came back. You don't need to waste time on Rebecca now that you have no feelings for her anymore."

Dan nodded, "You're right. It's enough to know where she is."

He then looked back at Polly and asked, "Is my villa ready?"

"Yes, Mr. Dan. You can move in anytime you please," Polly politely replied.


Driving at a dangerously high speed, Aria was on her way to the company where Charlotte worked. When she arrived at the company's parking area, she didn't step out of the car. Instead, she dialed her friend's number and waited for it to connect. She patiently listened to the ringing, but it was disconnected by the other line. Aria sat in her car and waited impatiently.

Five minutes later, Charlotte walked out of the building and immediately spotted Aria's car. She hastily approached her best friend's car.

Spotting Charlotte approaching, Aria rolled down the car window. "You're starting to annoy me, Aria. You know that I'm on duty, but you keep on calling!" Charlotte whined. She sensed that Aria wasn't in the mood to talk so she handed her best friend the room keycard, "Here you are. You're already checked in so you can just go to your room directly."

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