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   Chapter 966 Memories Of Youth (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6378

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"Hello, Mr. Dan is waiting for you inside," The receptionist respectfully said to Aria as she stretched her hand gesturing Aria to get inside.

"Thank you!" Aria gave her a polite smile and then walked in with the contract in her hands.

Wearing a custom-tailored suit, a young man sat on the sofa decently, his eyes keen on Aria.

'A thin and good-looking lady, though not gorgeous!' Mr. Huo assessed. From her dressing and hairstyle, she looked capable and experienced and gave people the impression of a very outgoing person. At least, this was the first image she portrayed for Dan.

"Hello, Mr. Huo, I am the salesperson of Rhine Company, and my name is Aria!" she introduced herself, standing straight in front of Dan.

"Aria?" Dan repeated her name, while playing with the ring on his index finger.

"Yes," Aria nodded her head.

"Please sit down!" Dan nodded at her to sit down.

"Thank you!" said Aria as she sat down, wearing a professional smile. She put the files on her legs and looked at Dan respectfully. "Mr. Huo, I heard that you just returned home yesterday, I'm hoping you've gotten over the jet lag."

Aria intended to show her concern to her client. After all, clients were also human beings and they also needed care.

"Oh, Miss Aria, don't worry about that!" Dan said. "Let's get to the point, okay? You know my time is very precious."

"Okay, okay," Aria hastily responded. This was her first time to meet Dan and she couldn't gauge his mood. What's more, her mind was in a mess and what she wanted was to seal the business deal as soon as she could so that she could leave this place. The presence of Lawrence and Anna on this premises had terribly jolted her. Except for business, just the mere thought of staying around here any longer was repulsing.

"First and foremost, congratulations, Mr. Huo, for your internet company has been listed in the stock excha

This is my business card. Please call me if you have time."

Dan nodded his head after he took the business card and gave her a sign that she could go.

Promptly, Aria stood up and in a respectful tone, said, "Then, I'm leaving, Mr. Huo. See you next time!"

Dan just nodded his head in response and Aria turned away.

A moment after Aria left, the door was opened again. Polly, wearing a black suit, white shirt and black high heels, went in.

Wearing a professional smile, she walked to Dan's side..

"Mr. Dan, we have checked it," she reported.

"Where is she?" asked Dan. The first thing he did after coming back home was to find where she was.

"She is in a rehabilitation center. The doctor-in-charge told me that she has been much better lately," Polly reported.

Then she turned on the iPad to play a video and put it in front of Dan.

A pang gripped at Dan's heart after he saw the mentally unstable woman in the video. Now, she looked gaunt and downhearted and her eyes were empty, dull and lifeless.

"My memory of youth has drawn an end. And she has only oneself to blame for becoming like this," Dan commented and then painfully closed his eyes.

A sense of helplessness set heavy over his heart about what he could do for Rebecca.

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