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   Chapter 965 Memories Of Youth (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6228

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"No, the things are still there. We still love each other!" said Anna, shaking her head in disbelief. She clasped on?to Lawrence's arm more tightly and said with emotion, "You, me and Mike grew up together. The relationship we've shared from childhood won't change."

Seeing the agitated Anna, Lawrence somehow felt distressed. After all, he once had a crush on her and loved her dearly. Even if he didn't love her anymore, he didn't have the heart to hurt her or give her the cold shoulder.

To comfort her, he stretched his hand to stroke her hair, promising, "You'll always have a friend in me. But as for my life partner, I don't think we're even a tad suited to each other."

In protest, Anna shook her head hard and tears appeared in her eyes. On the spur of the moment, she stood on tiptoe to kiss Lawrence on the lips.

With her arms wrapping Lawrence's waist in a tight embrace, she passionately kissed him. At that moment, she didn't give a hoot about anything else, except to feel and enjoy his breath.

Careful, Lawrence didn't lose his head by Anna's sudden and passionate kisses. Instead, he just stood there stiff like a pole and let the woman kiss him without kissing her back.

Sitting in the car, Aria witnessed the whole scene with astonishment. She clenched her teeth when she saw the woman kissing Lawrence so passionately. It seemed like their burning passion couldn't wait for another second. 'How ridiculous is their public display of affection! Didn't they just come down from the hotel? Couldn't they have taken more time, hanging around in there instead of coming to romp in the parking lot?' Aria thought with anger in her heart.

After a long time of intensely kissing Lawrence on the lips, Anna snuggled into Lawrence's chest. "Lawrence, can you please forgive me for just once?" she pleaded. "I know it was my fault to leav

essed at the thought of pitching her business presentation all by herself.

When she arrived at the lobby, she adjusted her status and walked towards the reception desk, with 10-cm high heels.

"Hello, I am Aria, from Rhein Company and I am here for Mr. Huo!" Aria said to the receptionist. She then took another look at the name on the file and confirmed that she was right. Dan Huo was the name.

"You mean Mr. Dan from Huo Group?" asked the receptionist.

"Yes," Aria said firmly.

"Okay, Mr. Dan left us a message about your appointment with him earlier on. Please follow me!" The receptionist replied and took Aria to meet Dan.

Walking in the luxurious hotel corridor, Aria couldn't help but marvel. She knew that Tim controlled most of the hotels of the city, and this was also one of his assets. At one point, she had contemplated congratulating Tim when she met him next time, but now she was not in the mood. The most important thing on her mind right now was to meet the client quickly and seal the deal before going back to the hotel room that Charlotte had reserved for her. Badly, she needed good, restful sleep, hoping that would erase the heartbreaking scene of Lawrence kissing another woman in the parking lot.

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