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   Chapter 964 We Can't Get Back (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-19 09:14

"Dad, Uncle Jackson, I hope you are only speaking good things about me. Remember, I'm listening," Anna teased the two men. Her eyes maight be fixed on Lawrence but she could still hear what Allen and Jackson were talking about.

"Look, you two are friends and you're perfect for each other, why don't we have them get married as soon as possible? His mother nags him about getting married every day. This will make her happy. And besides, his mother and I will agree, you are the perfect bride for Lawrence," Jackson decided.

His sudden declaration and invitation took everybody by surprise. Allen and Anna's face were filled with excitement and joy. Lawrence's face, however, was filled with shock and sadness.

Lawrence opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it. If he contradicted his father, he might risk offending Allen Dou. And if he got offended, he might take revenge on their family and on FS Empire. He didn't want to risk that. He closed his mouth but narrowed his eyes at his father for a second before he lowered his eyes to his plate instead.

To Anna, it felt like everything was going so well. She was overjoyed but she tried not to let that show in her face. Instead, she looked at her father, all serious, and asked, "What do you think of what Uncle Jackson said, Dad?"

"I love you, Anna, but I hate the thought of having to marry you off," Allen started. "But I know you will get married one of these days." He turned to Lawrence, who was waiting for his answer. "And I believe you will lead a happy life when you marry Lawrence."

"Oh, Dad," Anna gushed, a smile growing bigger and bigger on her face. She turned to Lawrence, who kept silent through the entire exchange. She t

n before she stepped out of her car.

She got out of the car and smoothed out her dress. She was about to walk off when she noticed two figures a few cars away, a woman and a very familiar man.

Anna and Lawrence stood outside Lawrence's car.

Anna focused her gaze on Lawrence and began, "You were telling the truth, right? What you told my dad, that was true, right?" She wanted to hear the truth from Lawrence, that she was the one that he wanted.

"You already know the answer to that," Lawrence replied. Anna wasn't stupid and Lawrence knew Anna knew the truth.

"So it was all just a show?" Anna asked. The smile on her face faded away.

"Anna," Lawrence started as he softened his voice. Anna was a smart and sensible woman and she was a great person. But the moment she left to pursue her studies, Lawrence's love for her vanished. And he couldn't force himself to accept her anymore. He couldn't break his rules for her. If he had to do that, he would do it for Aria.

"Thing are different now. We've both changed. And we just can't get the past back," Lawrence replied. He didn't want to break her heart and see her suffer.

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