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   Chapter 963 We Can't Get Back (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-19 09:07

"Now that you are the president of the FS Empire, I will not meddle in your affairs. I trust that you know how to handle and maintain business relationships, don't you?" Jackson continued, his eyes set on his son's. He had removed himself from the company. But Lawrence was still his son and he would still need advice from Jackson every now and then.

"Yes, Dad, I know," Lawrence confirmed.

"Okay, good. Lawrence, you'll have lunch today with your Dad and Uncle Allen. Make sure to leave a good impression on Allen, all right?" Cherry finished. In her heart, she hoped and wished Lawrence and Anna would get back together. Yes, she had already picked a few choices for Lawrence, including, who was on top of that list.

Lawrence could only nod his head at his mother and said nothing else.

"Okay then, go enjoy your breakfast. Then come to the balcony with me when you're done, okay? I want to chat with you. I've barely seen you and Violet at home. So you need to keep me company, understand?" Cherry told her son.

"Now that I'm home, you'll be in charge of my schedule, Mom," Lawrence told his mother. He kissed her on the cheek before he left the room.

Cherry watched her son's back as he walked away and remarked to Jackson, "He still talks so smart."

"Because you still spoil him," Jackson replied. Even though he was still jealous of his wife and their son's relationship, he didn't let it show on his face or voice. He continued, "You two enjoy your chat. I'm going to the study to read."

Cherry watched her husband go up the stairs and a silly smile appeared on her face.

At the WX Hotel, inside the VIP private room, Anna and her father Allen have already arrived waiting for the Chus. Anna was so excited that she couldn't hide it.

"Look at my little girl. You can't hide your excitement, huh? Are you happy you'll be seeing Lawrence?" Allen t

h intimate terms with Lawrence. In his eyes, he was an excellent and capable young man and he was very much willing to marry his daughter off to him.

Jackson was also pleased with the intimacy between the two. He definitely approved this match.

Allen motioned for Jackson to take the seat beside him and Anna directed Lawrence beside her. She had eyes only for Lawrence.

Allen and Jackson spent their time discussing business while Anna and Lawrence ate. Anna kept stealing glances at Lawrence, who stayed silent. Allen glanced at his daughter with her sparkling eyes on Lawrence. He pretended to complain to Jackson. "Look at my daughter. Once she has met the man of her dreams, she doesn't acknowledge my existence anymore," he grumbled with a fake frown.

"I know that feeling," Jackson laughed. "Violet always forgets me whenever she's with Greg."

"Our daughters are the apples of our eyes and we used to be theirs, and now, somebody's replaced us," Allen continued to pretend to whine. But inside, he was so excited for his daughter. He knew Jackson liked his daughter. And he liked Lawrence. An arrangement between the two of them was just inevitable, he thought.

"I agree with you wholeheartedly," Jackson nodded approvingly.

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