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   Chapter 960 Double Date (Part Two)

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Violet took Aria's hand and shook it. "Of course we do," she echoed. The two ladies shook their hands together and burst out laughing.

Half an hour later, two white Lamborghini Veneno entered the underground parking garage and pulled up at the entrance to the mall.

Violet and Aria had just stepped out of the lift with their bags when the two men arrived.

Greg spotted his lovely wife before she did and smiled. He quickly frowned when he saw the amount of shopping bags she carried in her hands. He jumped out of the car to greet Violet.

Violet caught sight of Greg immediately and smiled. She tried to give him a wave but the bags were too heavy. "Honey," she called out to Greg. "I need your help."

Aria had a lot of bags in her hand but not as much as Violet's.

Lawrence stepped out of the car and greeted Aria. He took the bags from her hands and showed her to the car.

He noticed the sweat on Violet's forehead. He didn't like seeing Violet get tired. Greg took the bags from Violet and reminded her, "Violet, next time, call me if you're going to be buying so much. I could have sent people to get these and deliver it to the house."

"I know. I forgot," Violet purred. "I didn't know I was going to be buying a lot today." She held on to his arm as they made their way to Greg's car.

Because Greg and Violet were there, Aria kept some distance between Lawrence and her.

"Are you okay? You don't seem like yourself. Is it Violet? Are you two okay? I thought you were friends already," Lawrence inquired. Lawrence was confused at Aria's actions. Normally, she'd be stuck to him like gum. But this time, she was deliberately keeping some distance between the two of them.

"Of course. We've become goo

n't you have faith in me?" Lawrence defended himself. He couldn't help but be saddened by Aria's words though. Lawrence couldn't believe what Aria just said. He could understand Violet's doubts but he thought Aria might have more faith in him. Even though he had his hands full every day, he always made time for her to keep her company. And he didn't understand how she could say that she wasn't sure if he was faithful to her.

"It doesn't matter to me. I only care about my husband," Violet said and laid her head on Greg's shoulder.

Greg smiled and kissed the top of Violet's head. He loved Violet with all his heart and treated her with so much tenderness and affection. He would give her everything she wanted, even the stars for her, if that was what she wanted.

"Well, whether you can be depended on remains to be seen," Aria added. She dug into the food on her plate.

Greg chuckled. "Looks like you need to try harder, Lawrence," Greg teased Lawrence, and a sly smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Lawrence sighed. He could get almost everything under his control, except for his girlfriend. He had no idea what to do with her.

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