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   Chapter 959 Double Date (Part One)

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"Oh, really? I don't believe that. Tell me more," Aria responded, now very curious. The two finally felt at ease with each other and chatted away.

One hour later, the two ladies felt they knew each other well after their enlightening conversation. They suspected they might even become good friends.

"Come shopping with me today. You can't say no. I've already asked your work to give you the rest of the day off," Violet requested Aria. She added the last statement because she was afraid Aria might refuse her offer.

"Oh I'd love to, Violet. I have been busy lately and I need to relax. And what better way to spend Lawrence's money, right?" Aria agreed.

"Of course! You're his girlfriend. It's perfectly all right for you to spend his money. He's rich, anyway, and he won't mind," Violet responded, making sure to side with Aria.

"Oh Violet, you are such a good friend! Wait for me. I'll just get my things. I'll be back in ten minutes and then we can leave," Aria said.

"Okay and hurry," Violet replied.


Aria and Violet were busy visiting store after store. Violet already had her hands full with all the shopping when she was done, while Aria had a few bags in her hands, too.

"Let's rest a bit. This is getting heavy," Violet suggested. She pointed to a nearby empty bench and made her way to it, with Aria right at her heels. They plopped down on the bench and dropped their bags on the ground.

"Do you think Lawrence will get upset when he gets the message from the bank?" Violet asked Aria. She opened up a bottle of orange juice, which she drank hungrily.

"It doesn't matter. He gave me his card. It's up to me how I spend it," Aria answered. Someone was sleeping on the couch tonight if he didn't like it, she thought.

"He won't care

er tonight. Pick up Aria and I'll have Greg pick me up. One more thing, choose a good restaurant," Violet instructed.

"How can I refuse you both? You're both too important to me," Lawrence teased. "Send me the address of where to pick you up. I'll tell Greg. We'll be there."

"I'll text you the address. Aria and I will wait for you and Greg," Violet replied and hung up before Lawrence could answer.

Aria was shocked at Violet, her open jaw hung from her face. "You really just end calls like that?"

"Is there a problem?" Violet asked. She gave Aria's phone back to her and slid farther away on the bench to give each other space.

"Lawrence didn't snap at you?" Aria hesitated to ask. Aria was worried. She sometimes demanded things from Lawrence. But Violet was so spoiled by Lawrence. It looked like she might need to do the same to his favorite sister, she thought.

"Why would he get mad? Besides, if he did, then you and I would team up to teach him a lesson. Right? You'll back me up, Aria, right?" Violet asked Aria.

"Of course I'll back you up, you and I make a good team, after all," Aria agreed. She held out her hand to confirm the deal with a handshake.

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