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   Chapter 958 Meeting Aria

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Lawrence had no intention of answering their boring questions.

He rose, walking toward the door. "Do your jobs. Don't forget your assignment,"

he spat out and walked out of the private room.

Lawrence took the lift and stepped out on the 13th floor. As he pushed open the door of the presidential suite, he found Anna standing at the French windows, appreciating the view.

The moment Anna heard the door open, she turned around and saw Lawrence come in.

"Lawrence," she gushed, sprinting over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nestled in his arms cozily.

Lawrence made no response to Anna's casual intimacy. The stony look on his face lingered when a few moments later, he grabbed her arms and removed them from around his neck.

"What are you doing here?" Lawrence asked, his voice distant.

"Surprise! I knew you were here and I missed you, so I came over," Anna replied cheerfully. It had been a while since she met Lawrence. She had finally inquired about his whereabouts and wasted no time in coming here. How could she let go of this opportunity?

Lawrence walked over to the couch and settled himself on it. Anna followed him and took a seat next to him. Restfully, she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I heard that FS Empire has entered a stable period. Congratulations!" Anna said as she absently ran one finger down his arm. Lawrence remained silent.

"It's no big deal. It's my job as the President of the FS Empire," Lawrence responded flatly. He wanted to push Anna away but dropped the idea. 'I'm surprised. She is usually a reserved girl. She isn't acting like herself today. We haven't met each other for nearly a month, so perhaps she is just excited, ' he brooded.

"It's not an easy job to complete the merger of four companies and keep them running in order. You're probably the only one capable of this. I don't think anyone else could have it done," Anna said, the admiration evident in her voice. She appreciated his talent and excellence. Since she was little, she had known he would go on to do great things. Lawrence was certainly handsome, but what attracted her the most about him was his intelligence.

"Did you come here to discuss business with me?" Lawrence asked impatiently. He had no interest in continuing this topic of conversation. 'I know how to manage my own company! I don't need others to teach me, ' he thought with some displeasure, annoyed.

"Of course not," Anna replied instantly, drawing back a bit. "I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Lawrence asked her in a clipped tone, running his fingers through his hair.

"My Dad invited your father to a meal tomorrow noon. He hopes we will be there too," Anna answered cheerfully. 'If I hadn't begged my Dad for it, he wouldn't have agreed to take me with him. I wouldn't have the chance to have lunch with Lawrence then. Now, I can dine with him and meet his father too. If I behave well, Mr. Jackson might even like me. I might finally be able to marry Lawrence, ' she thought to herself, the corners of her mouth turning up.

"You Dad wants us to join them?" Lawrence responded in shock. He had already figured out what kind of meeting this was going to be.

"Yes. If you don't believe my words, I can call up my Dad. You can ask him personally," Anna replied. She fished her snow-white hand into her stylish handbag to take out her phone.

"There is no need," Lawrence stopped her. He knew Anna wasn't lying to him. Why would she? "I will be

ng a polite distance from Violet. "Hello, I am Aria Liu." Aria smiled at her feebly. "Nice to meet you."

At her formal greeting, Violet was at a loss. She didn't know how to react. Observing Aria's tense expression, she understood what had happened. 'While she worked outside, she looked so happy. Now she seems reserved, like she's a completely different person. She must be on edge seeing me here.'

Violet put down her cup of tea slowly. Rising from her seat, she made her way to Aria and stopped in front of her. She stood still and studied Lawrence's girlfriend from head to toe. Aria was slender and simply dressed. Her face had no makeup and the clothes she wore weren't expensive, but they didn't look cheap on her. Violet guessed they belonged to a middle range.

"How are you doing? You must be nervous to see me, right?" Violet broke the tense silence with a warm smile.

Suddenly caught off-guard, Aria was at a loss for words. She had heard a lot about Violet from Lawrence, but now that Aria was face-to-face with her, she just felt awkward. She stared at Violet with wide eyes, panicking slightly.

Violet emanated an aura of aristocracy, similar to what Aria felt with Alice. They were like real-life princesses, but they were quite amiable. 'Perhaps there are two types of rich, upper-class girls, ' Aria mused. 'Some are assuming and ignorant, while others are easygoing and pleasant, such as Violet and Alice. Their actions demonstrate their virtues.'

"Relax. I came here behind Lawrence's back. He doesn't know I'm here to see you," Violet said rather playfully as she grabbed Aria's hand in an attempt to relieve her tension. To further help her brother's girlfriend put down her guard, she added, "I have been watching you for a long time. You don't need to put on a front with me. I want to see you for who you are."

At Violet's words, Aria's face broke into a smile. "I was afraid you might find it hard to take if I behave like I normally do," she joked, shaking her head.

"You think too much. I was worse than you. I used to give out leaflets on the streets that no one took. I found a nine-to-five job and went to work in cheap clothes. I slaved away my time to earn a living," Violet confided in her. She recalled the days when she took great pains to support herself, just as Aria did now.

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