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   Chapter 957 Caught Between Parents And Lover

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A month later, every news program on television and radio reported countless news on the FS Empire. FS Empire was already the business magnate in the city. And every company, large and small, worked as a subsidiary company of the FS Empire.

A flashy Pikes Peak parked at the gate of the CS Hotel. The door opened and a dashing Greg stepped out. He smoothed out the creases in his dark blue V-neck shirt and black trousers. He turned his feet, clad in custom leather shoes, to the lobby.

The manager was checking hotel records when Greg entered. He looked up and quickly shifted his attention to Greg. "Mr. Greg," he greeted with a bow. "Mr. Lawrence has already arrived."

"And Mr. Tim?" Greg asked, unimpressed.

"He will be here in five minutes," the manager informed Greg.

Greg made his way to the private elevator and the manager followed him. Greg stopped him and said, "I can go on my own. Attend to your business."

"Thank you, sir," the manager bowed as the elevator doors closed.

Greg went straight up to the 13th floor. The 13th floor was the exclusive floor that Tim assigned for the four of them. No one except Tim, Greg, Lawrence, and Mike was allowed to go and stay on this floor. Five waiters exclusively worked on this floor and were under Tim's direct management and exempt from the hotel systems and regulations.

When he walked in, he was surprised to see the dining room empty. He further explored the floor and found Lawrence in the living area. He was on the sofa with a cigar between his fingers and his eyes looking out of the window.

"Lawrence," Greg greeted his friend.

"There you are," Lawrence nodded his head at Greg. "Good."

Greg took a seat beside him on the sofa and asked, "Where's Mike?"

"Late," Lawrence replied curtly.

Lawrence took out his phone and dialed Mike's number.

He placed it on speaker so Greg could hear, too. Mike answered after three rings.

"I was only late for a minute and you call me already?" Mike's voice was loud and clear and felt so close. Mike walked in with Tim that moment. He hung up and complained, "You can't wait for me?"

Lawrence placed his phone back in his pocket.

"Maybe because you're the only one who needs to be persuaded by Lawrence," Greg joked, an evil smile on his face.

"Oh, so I'm special then?" Mike pretended to whine before he joined Lawrence on the sofa.

"I'm late, too. Why didn't anybody call me? You guys don't care about me anymore? Tim pretended to sob that he didn't get the same call because he was late and hadn't arrived yet.

"This is your hotel, Tim, and you're the owner!" Greg joked.

Tim laughed and greeted his friends. He pressed a button and five waiters entered through a secret door. They brought in plates of food and arranged it in the dining room. "Shall we, gentlemen?" Tim invited the three men to the dining room, where they enjoyed the plentiful dinner spread before them.

Tim beckoned the three men to the living room after dinner, where the waiters have set up a mini bar on the coffee table. Tim poured a drink for all of them and raised his glass. "Cheers to our friendship," Tim declared. The rest of the men raised their glasses and toasted to each other.

Mike clapped his hands. "So, Lawrence, enough chit chat, let's get to the point!" Greg and Tim stopped and gave their attention to Lawrence. "Let's get started," Greg said.

"Okay, let's start ana

five different bottles of wine, followed by the manager.

The manager approached and whispered, "Mr. Tim, Miss Anna is downstairs at the lobby."

"What? Why?" Tim replied with shock. The three men saw Tim's reaction.

"What's going on?" Greg asked.

Tim turned to Lawrence, "Anna Dou is at the lobby." He didn't know what do to but Lawrence would.

A shadow of doubt clouded Lawrence's face when he heard Anna's name. He frowned for a slight second but kept his face neutral almost immediately.

"What is she doing here?" Mike wondered while he sipped his wine.

Tim shrugged, "I have no idea."

Lawrence thought for a second before he turned to the manager, "Arrange a room for her and ask her to wait for me there."

"Yes, Mr. Lawrence," the manager replied before he scampered off to the lobby.

Tim and Greg shared a look before they let out a chuckle.

"Lawrence, have you told your parents about Aria?" Greg asked while he finished one bottle of wine.

"Of course he hasn't. He wouldn't be cracking his whip at us if he had," Mike joked. He was back to being the jokester again, now that business talk was over.

"Is Aria willing to wait for more time? You need to find a solution soon!" Greg stated.

Caught between Aria and his parents, sadness filled Lawrence's face. Last night, Aria told him she wanted to stay with him. He was touched by her innocence and true heart but it still gave him more problems. He wasn't prepared for that. Right now, he could spend time with her for a couple of days a week and tell his parents he needed to stay at the hotel on those nights. Otherwise, his parents would suspect something.

"Anna could spell trouble for us, too. We need to do something about it, too," Mike sighed. "Her family's investment company is registered abroad and their assets are huge. If they invested in the FS empire, it'll add brilliant wonders to our company. If they go against us, that's going to be a huge threat!"

"Is she building another empire to compete with FS?" Tim joked with a small snicker.

"She can if she wanted. We have to know how much money they have. But I'm pretty confident FS is still richer. I'm more concerned about Lawrence and if he has the heart to go against Anna?" Mike asked with his eyes on Lawrence.

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