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   Chapter 956 The FS Empire

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Chatting and laughing, the six sat together, their smiles a reflection of the happy times.

"Oh, I almost forgot it. I have one thing to tell you and Jackson," Mond said in a serious tone, as he turned to look at Cherry.

"What is it? Tell me, I'm all ears," Cherry replied in a casual tone.

"I am planning to go abroad so I can stay with Natalie and her mother. I will then leave the working of ZM Group to Lawrence," Mond declared.

This announcement left all the others silent. Wilson, Derek, and Selina had their gaze focused on Lawrence's parents.

Surprised, Cherry and Jackson glanced at each other dumbfounded.

Jackson narrowed his eyes towards Mond, and asked, "Are you not going to return ever?"

"I will return. But I don't know when that would be," Mond replied honestly. He had no intention of hiding his plans from Jackson and Cherry. Looking at their confused expressions, he explained, "Natalie has grown up. I have barely kept her company the last few years. I owe her a lot. Now I want to be a good father to her. Before she gets married, I want to spend some more time with her."

On hearing this, Cherry and Jackson became engrossed in their thoughts. 'I understand. He isn't joking. He must have thought all about this before making this decision, ' they mused.

Wilson and Selina exchanged glances and nodded to each other in agreement. The former then said to Cherry, "I and Selina have also thought a lot and decided to let Lawrence take over the H King Group."

"Wilson, you..." Cherry was too shocked to even continue her sentence.

"Cherry, Jackson, you know that Austin has been abroad for a long time now. I don't think he intends to take over the H King Group. So we decided to let Lawrence run our company. We can't trust anyone else apart from him," Selina expounded.

"Oh, yeah, we both have become old. It's time to leave our business to the younger generation to handle," Wilson supported her.

When Derek heard this, he became agitated. Transfixing his eyes on Jackson, he broke in eagerly, "You haven't forgotten what I had told you earlier, have you?"

Jackson nodded his head. Of course he had remembered Derek's proposal as well. But he was taken by great surprise that his son might have to take charge of three companies now.

"What do you think of this, honey?" Cherry turned and asked for her husband's opinion. 'I can't make a decision on Lawrence's behalf. These are very important matters. I should first listen to Jackson's opinion, ' she decided.

After a long pause, Jackson opened his mouth. "Are you sure about the decisions you have made?" he asked with a scowl.

"Yes, I am," Mond replied with a firm look.

Derek and Wilson nodded in reply too.

"After we have lunch, let's first go to the JC Group. If Lawrence agrees to the proposal, I too will be okay with it," Jackson began. "It's up to him. If he has no problem, you can hand over your companies to him."

"Okay. We need to inform Lawrence and let's wait for him at the company," Derek agreed immediately.

"I am going to call Lawrence," Selina chimed in, as she talked towards the balcony with her phone in her hand.

"You have suddenly put on so much weight on my son's shoulder. I feel so sorry for him," Cherry began, a hint of concern reflecting from her face.

"We all think of Lawrence in high esteem. We believe that only he can do a good job with our companies," Derek comforted Cherry.

"If he has any difficulties in his job, we wi

r his business.

Selina shook her head. "Lawrence, just say yes. Austin has opened a company abroad, and I don't know how things will shape up there. You know his character. He will not take over H King Group," she tried to erase the young man's misunderstanding.

With a resolute look on his face, Wilson followed, "I have full faith in you, Lawrence. H King Group will be safe in your hands."

Now that both Wilson and Selina insisted, he didn't retort but agreed to their request.

Sensing that Lawrence had agreed to Wilson and Selina's offer, Mond couldn't wait but cut in. "I don't think you have got a problem in taking charge of ZM Group, do you? We are a family," he said, fixing his eager eyes on Lawrence.

Lawrence nodded in a sign of accepting the offer.

"What's your plan, Lawrence?" Derek too joined the conversation.

Jackson and Cherry looked at their son, waiting for his answer. They decided to side with him on whatever ideas he had.

"I'm going to merge JS Group, H King Group, ZM Group, and the JC Group. I will be in charge of all of them," Lawrence replied curtly.

"Merge them?" Derek repeated, as he glanced at Mond and then at Jackson to see their reaction.

Selina and Wilson wanted to hear what Lawrence's plan was.

"Now that you decided to leave your companies to me, I will merge them and that will be under my control. After the merger, the systems and the management of four groups will be the same as before but only for a short time. At the same time, I will work out all the company rules, and new schemes for the transfer of personnel among the management. This way, I can keep everything in order and get to know all the exact standings of all of them," Lawrence voiced his thought.

His plan put the rest into contemplation.

"It's not a bad idea," Selina remarked.

"I agree with you. Merging the four and changing the members of the management. After getting things in control, work out schemes to manage the companies," Derek quickly approved of Lawrence's plan.

"Don't you think we should name the newly merged company?" Mond asked.

"Oh, yeah. That's important," Cherry echoed, agreeing to her son's idea.

"I think that should be Lawrence's task," Wilson suggested.

"Well, let me think. The FS Empire, should be its new name," Lawrence responded.

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