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   Chapter 954 Love Will Not Change (Part Two)

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"It doesn't matter. We have already met Derek and Wilson. Perhaps Mond thought it would be better for us to meet together," Cherry responded, as she rose from her seat and made her way towards Jackson.

Jackson stretched out and took her in his arms. "So, are we leaving now?" he asked affectionately.

"Yes. I will go upstairs and change my clothes. Then we can leave," Cherry answered.

Speaking of changing clothes, Jackson had an idea. "How about I accompany you for shopping? I want to buy some clothes for you," he offered.

"There is no need. I have already bought many before coming back from Hong Kong. Violet chose them for me and I like her choice. I don't need clothes for now," she refused his offer straightforwardly. She was a self-disciplined person and never tried to lead a luxurious life.

"Don't save my money. You can buy whatever you want," Jackson said. He still loved to pamper his wife the same way he did in the past. 'She never splurges money, and that is why she is so special. Sometimes I even hope she acted like spoilt women and created trouble for me. But thanks to her, I can focus on my work. With her by my side, every day is full of excitement and surprise, ' he brooded.

"I am not saving money for you. I am doing it for my dear son," Cherry corrected, putting on a smirk on her face.

"How much can you save? He might not need them at all," Jackson retorted. His lips curved into a sly smile as he went on, "How about we keep all our savings to ourselves instead of leaving them to our son?"

"I don't think it's a good idea," Cherry opposed.

"We will keep one-tenth of our money and leave the rest for Lawrence," she declared, as if she was in the office dictating terms to her s

ou with the business. Now kids have grown up. I want to give myself a long holiday."

Wilson held the steering wheel with one hand and reached out his right hand to grab Selina's. He whispered, "When I handover all the responsibilities, I will keep you company and we can go anywhere you want to go. I always feel I owe you a lot. Ever since you got married, you have always been buried in work. You did not even have a real holiday."

Selina shook her head as she said, "Don't say that. You're my greatest delight. Although I have been busy with work these years, I felt happy because I loved my job. I never got sick of the work. Instead, I feel that I have led a full life. I think I have already achieved the goal I had set for my career. Now it's time to let it be. My next goal is to set my work aside and give you company. I want to hold your hand and see the sunrise and sunset with you."

Wilson fixed his earnest gaze on Selina and then looked back ahead. He said firmly, "Let me help you with your goal."

"I will give you the chance," Selina observed with a bright smile. "I love you, honey."

"I love you too, sweetheart," he returned.

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