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   Chapter 952 A Bad Hunch

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"What do you say? Do you want to hear some dirty words?" Greg asked, looking at her furtively. This time, he was not afraid. If Violet got angry, she would need to punish everyone - Lawrence, Tim, Mike and him. Greg doubted she would do it though, so he was not worried.

"Greg, you really deserve a good lesson from me," Violet said, gnashing her teeth together. She was beyond irritated.

"Huh. You, my wife, are too harsh on me," Greg tut-tutted, shaking his head. He continued looking at his cell phone and avoided her gaze.

Violet didn't know what to do with her husband. He was quite a handful.

Time passed by.

At eight o'clock that night, Tim and Alice arrived at Oriental Hotel.

"Why aren't Violet and Greg here yet?" Alice could hardly wait and was a bit restless.

"We should be patient. Lawrence and Mike haven't arrived either." Tim said calmly. He was in no hurry.

"You are right. We are quite early." Alice looked around the lobby, finding that it was empty of other guests. They had booked the entire hotel.

Suddenly, Alice spotted Lawrence, who was not far away from them. She immediately waved at him, saying, "Lawrence! We are here."

Lawrence saw the pair and walked over to them.

"Violet and Greg haven't arrived yet. I'll call them up and ask where they are right now," Alice said, about to take out her cellphone. Lawrence sat down.

"No need. They will probably be here in a couple of minutes," Lawrence said, glancing down at his watch. "It isn't eight o'clock yet," he added.

"Well, I got impatient so we arrived early. Waiting around for someone is so boring," Alice complained, rolling her eyes.

"Ho-ho! So there is something that can wear you down?" Mike said from afar. He was here too.

His loud voice drew the attention of the three and they turned to look to him. Mike wore a suit and had brought Amanda with him.

As Amanda sat down next to them, she nodded to Lawrence and Tim, greeting them politely.

"Alice! Long time no see," Amanda said. Her smile was breezy and sincere.

"Hello, Amanda," Alice replied. Amanda was being friendly to her, so she saw no reason to be hostile.

Mike looked around, his brows knitted in confusion. "Where is Violet? We informed them that we'd be here, didn't we?"

"Relax. I'm sure they are already on the way. Maybe they're stuck in traffic," Tim said.

"Okay, we'll wait for them and have some chitchat then. When Violet comes, we'll celebrate her return," Mike suggested.

Meanwhile, Violet and Greg got out of their car at the entrance of Oriental Hotel. Greg handed over the car keys to the security guard and walked over to Violet. She took his arm instinctively as they stepped into the lobby together.

"Mr. and Mrs. Xiao, nice to see you both! Mr. Tim is already here. Please follow me," a staff member said, gesturing them to walk with him.

"Darling, Tim manages this hotel, doesn't he?" Violet asked her husband. Her gaze swept her surroundings as she marveled at the intricate decoration of the hotel.

"You know it," Greg replied, grinning.

"Wow. Tim must be outstanding. His management is excellent," Violet praised Tim, still gawking at the decor. Unbeknownst to her, Greg's expression turned dark.

He looked at Violet's profile, scowling

sed his marriage with the others, the expression on his face had remained cold and remote, as if the topic at hand had nothing to do with him. Only this way could he cover up what was eating him from the inside. There were things that needed to be dealt with but he had no idea how to handle them. What he cared most about right now was JS Group. Uncle Derek said he was going to hand over the company to Lawrence. He and his father were in talks. Lawrence wondered at the outcome of it.

They spent the time laughing and joking around. Even Amanda, who was far too elegant and ladylike, chortled with laughter under Violet's influence. She cracked jokes with the group of friends, feeling right at home.

After dinner, Tim drove away with Alice.

"Brother, Greg and I are also leaving. Please come back home early, otherwise mother would worry about you," Violet said to Lawrence.

"Yeah. Be careful on the road. Call me if there is anything important," Lawrence said to his beloved sister.

After Greg and Violet left, Mike walked up to Lawrence.

"Are you okay? You look tensed tonight," Mike commented. He knew Lawrence well. He kept calm and aloof, but Mike could read him like a book.

"I am fine," Lawrence said, looking away. His eyes landed on Amanda, who was waiting outside for Mike beside his car.

"Haven't you told your family the news yet?" Mike asked him. He was sure that neither Lawrence's parents nor Violet knew about Aria, Lawrence's girlfriend.

"Mike," Lawrence started, turning to look at him.

Mike stared at him, not saying a word. He waited for Lawrence to continue, who sighed.

"We shouldn't concern ourselves with that at present. What we should worry about is the JS Group," Lawrence said, anxiety looming in his eyes.

"What is wrong with JS Group?" Mike furrowed his brows. "Did your parents come back for the company's sake?"

Lawrence shook his head. "Uncle Derek has asked me to manage the company," he continued.

"What?" Mike was astonished. He couldn't believe his ears. "JS Group is quite powerful. It can't be transferred to you that simply."

"I have a hunch that I'm going to be facing a lot more problems than that."

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