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   Chapter 950 Phone Call With Austin (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-17 00:06

Seeing her family's excitement, Violet took out her phone, called Austin and put him on speaker.

Everyone waited with bated breath for Austin to answer from the other line.

On the third or fourth ring, thereabout, he picked the call and lazily began, "Hello, my darling, why are you calling at this hour?" His voice sounded a tad more husky.

"Austin, tell me honestly, where are you?" Violet immediately said firmly.

"Would you believe, if I told you I'm sleeping right now?" Austin replied.

"Are you alone?" asked Violet on purpose.

Bursting into laughter, Austin asked, "Darling, what do you think?"

Without trying to guess, they knew that Austin must be up to something that he wasn't ready to talk about. Instead of answering the question directly, he kept going around in circles.

Once more, she asked, "Austin, tell me. Where are you? Which country?"

"Actually, I don't know, either." He paused for a second and then continued, "But tomorrow I'll go to Paris. One of my friends has a show there, and I'll be in his entourage," Austin replied.

Unable to control herself anymore, Selina finally cut in and asked, "Austin, for heaven's sake, can you get serious please?"

Austin was astonished and asked, "Mum, you mean you're listening on all this time I was here joking?" Surprised by what going on, he asked, "Are you in Hong Kong now?"

"Oh, sorry, Austin, I forgot to tell you that I was back home. Guess where I am now?" Violet told him the truth.

Thrown off balance, Austin asked, "Are you at home now?"

At that moment, Cherry also asked, "When are you coming back Austin? I've missed you so much."

Austin was stunned, "Oh my God! Aunt Cherry, you're also there? Are my uncle and brother also with you?"

Finally, Violet declared, "Not jus

ma. She immediately kicked herself for not having let her grandma say a word.

But Selina still angry and fuming gruffly said, "All right, mother, if you miss him, just call him tonight. I'd be so mad when I see his face. I feel like I'd roast his ass."

Smiling, Violet said, "Aunt Selina, Austin looks cute. Why do you want to hit him?"

In surprise, Lawrence asked, "Cute?"

"Yes. He is just a little boy," Violet replied. "He only wants to play, but he knows so much. When I was in Hong Kong, I learned a lot from him. Every time I was in a fix, he was my go-to guy, and he was very patient. I think he is just as smart as my brother," she added.

Violet explained at detail.

"Yes, I think so. I have seen their videos when they were studying together. He is such a smart chap," Cherry confirmed.

Almost everyone was impressed at Austin's performance.

In particular, Wilson and Selina also felt comfortable now. They knew their son was capable. Their son was too outgoing but he had his own abilities.

"Okay, okay. Our kids are great. Let's go and have meal now," Jacob finally spoke.

At that point, everyone stood up and walked to the dinning room for meals.

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