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   Chapter 949 Phone Call With Austin (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6112

Updated: 2019-04-16 05:14

In the CEO's office of XS Hospital, Violet couldn't wait anymore. She sat next to Greg, nagging him in a low voice, to go home.

But pretending to ignore her, Greg remained reading document. In the real sense, he was listening carefully.

Feeling somewhat frustrated, Violet said, more firmly, "Greg, leave work now. We need to go to my grandma's place. Because if we don't arrive earlier, we'll miss a meal, and I don't want to eat out. On top of that, I'm also starving as we speak." With growing restlessness, she spoke what was on her mind because, apparently, Greg wasn't listening.

Finally, Greg said, "All right, all right. Five more minutes. I have to handle these papers. And after that, I don't need to come here in the afternoon."

Violet exclaimed, "Really?" She was quite surprised.

Greg replied, "Yes, just five more minutes."

Staring at her watch, Violet began to count. "Great. I'll see by the watch and give you five minutes only. I'm counting now," she said.

Still engrossed with the document, Greg didn't even look at her. Only a slight smile formed at the corners of his lips. 'This woman is still naughty, as ever, ' he thought.

Five minutes later, Greg promptly closed the documents and then, when Violet didn't look at him, he reached out, pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips at once.

On instinct, Violet wanted to say something, but under his embrace and intense kissing, all she could mumble was a soft groan.

There was no chance she'd resist, so Greg went on until he thought he'd had enough to let her go.

When he began, Violet tried to resist for a moment, but after she realized that Greg wouldn't relent, she simply surrendered.

When he finally let her go, Violet's mind went blank. She was swept away by his affection and the energy he put into it. "What are y

o badger Jackson, wanting to know who was more beautiful between her and me. She's always been narcissistic."

A little surprised, Selina turned to Jackson and asked, "Is that so?"

But before her dad could open his mouth, Violet replied, "My father certainly said that I was the fairest of all."

At once, Jacob and Wilson all laughed.

"I think Violet is the most beautiful one in Greg's heart, but in her father's mind, I think it's only her mum. That's fair, I think," Elsa said with a smile.

Everyone burst into laughter once more. "Grandpa, you're right," Lawrence agreed.

But again, Violet cut in, trying to muffle Lawrence. "Shut up. Lawrence, you can't say a word from now on," she quickly said.

Lawrence suddenly thought of Austin, so he asked, "Well, Violet, you have always been in contact with Austin. Where is he now?"

"I don't know. Maybe I can call him and check where he is now," she replied.

At that thought, everyone's face lit with excitement. It had been a long time before anyone else apart from Violet heard from Austin.

"Are you going to call him right away," Cherry quickly said. "I haven't talked with him for quite a long time. I'd be glad to hear his voice."

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