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   Chapter 948 A Delightful Family Reunion (Part Two)

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"Because telling you is like telling the whole world, Selina. Cherry didn't want to bother anyone. Besides, we wanted to come back discreetly and it wouldn't help if all of you met us at the airport yesterday. So, we decided not to tell anyone," Jackson explained. He didn't mean to offend Selina in any way, but he fooled around with her to unmask her bluff and make her self-conscious.

"All right then, if that's the case then I would just zip it," Selina said as she gestured zipping her mouth shut. She had never won a word fight with Jackson anyway so it's better if she just backed down.

Wilson approached Jackson with a warm smile and asked, "So, do you have any plans on going abroad again soon?"

"Well, China is our home so we would probably stay here for good now," Jackson answered confidently.

"Wilson, why don't you welcome us to your home?" Cherry joked as she approached Wilson and gave him a hug.

"Of course. Where are my manners? You're very much welcome here," Wilson replied. He hugged Cherry back as tightly as she did.

"Sure," Cherry chuckled. "Because I'm just thinking that if you don't, I'll ask Mom and Uncle Jacob to come and live with us instead. And you'll never see them again," Cherry continued to tease Wilson as she loosened her hug.

"Oh, Cherry! I missed you so much!" Selina exclaimed as she hugged Cherry. She glanced at Jackson and smirked at him, "Oh Jackson, please don't be jealous. Let me just hug your wife a little longer."

"You are still so naughty," Jackson chuckled. He didn't know how to respond to it.

"Cherry, where are Lawrence and Violet? Why aren't they with you?" Elsa asked curiously since she had not seen her grandchildren for a long time.

"They'll be here by noon. Lawrence's just finishing some work at the office. Violet is with Greg, but they are on their way," Cherry said, holding Elsa's arms as they walked into the villa.

"Let them be. These kids are busy as bees," Jacob said.

"That's absolutely true. Lawrence inherited those works from Jackson. His father wouldn't be here if Lawrence doesn't do all those stuffs," said Selina.

"Selina, look at you. I was only gone for a few years and now you're wise." She meant it as a praise b

I can peacefully enjoy my life. You know how worried I was when you all left for Hong Kong. I didn't know whether you're living a good life there. There was this time when I thought Lawrence would live with us because of Violet. But when he came back to China, Violet left," Elsa finally said what she had in mind. There were a lot of things she wanted to say but never had the chance because the whole family was usually away. But now that they were all at home, this was the best time to let them know how she felt. "I am glad that you're all here. But I'll be happier if I can see my great-grandchildren soon. Cherry, you need to talk to you children," she continued, looking at Cherry with a sly smile.

"No, Mom. I can't tell my children to foster a baby that fast. Why don't you tell them yourself later today?" Cherry said, refusing her mother's request.

"Yeah, Mom. Perhaps they'll listen to you because they won't listen to us about the matter. But you know what, maybe we'll hear about the baby news from Violet later. But as for Lawrence, he can't simply produce that baby in an instant, but you can try to talk him through." said Selina.

Jackson, Wilson and Jacob laughed hysterically after they heard what Selina just said. They sometimes appreciated Selina's humor which lightened the mood in the room.

They continued talking happily about everything – family, business, and life in general. Sounds of laughter could be heard from the living room from time to time.

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