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   Chapter 947 A Delightful Family Reunion (Part One)

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"I won't tell you," Violet refused to answer Greg's question deliberately as she clung her phone to her chest. When she realized that Greg backed down a little, she swiped onto her phone screen to answer the call and greeted in a merry tone, "Oh hello, Francis!"

Greg almost lost his temper when he heard it was a call from Francis. He would want to snatch the phone out of his wife's hands but then controlled his emotions and took a deep breath to calm down. 'When did Francis start to be this close with my wife?' he thought to himself.

"Oh hey, Violet. So, when did you get back? How come you didn't tell me you would leave China for a long time? And you know how I found out? I came to your house when I got back from Thailand and they just told me you're all gone," Francis said without pausing to give Violet a chance to respond.

"Slow down, kid. We're all back in China now," Violet replied. Teasing Greg with a sly glance, she then continued in a sweet voice, "Hey Francis, you want to come over to my place for some fun? I'll buy you dinner to make it up to you." Violet purposely changed her tone to make Greg jealous.

Greg pulled a long face upon hearing those words from Violet because it seemed to him that his wife was flirting with another man in front of him.

On that moment, Greg could no longer control his emotion and immediately grabbed the phone from Violet's hand and interrupted, "Hello, Francis. This is Greg speaking. What do you want to talk about with my wife?"

"Oh, hi Greg. Actually, nothing important, I..." Greg suddenly cut him off.

"Okay, then there's no reason for you to call my wife. Good bye and don't ever call back," Greg said and finally hung up the phone and handed it back to his wife.

"Greg, what are you doing? It's not polite to cut someone off and hung up on them. Francis didn't even get the chance to explain," Violet complained as she took the phone from Greg and put it back in her bag.

"This will be the last time that I'll tell you this. Stop associating with other men especially that Francis,

the entrance for quite some time until they saw a car from a distance driving towards the driveway.

Cherry immediately saw Wilson from the car as they drove to the driveway. She held Jackson's arm in excitement and said, "Honey, look! Mom and Uncle Jacob are waiting for us."

"I can see that very well," Jackson replied. He peered through the windshield to see who else were waiting and glanced to Cherry and asked, "Are you happy to see them?"

"Of course, I am. I haven't seen my mother for a long time. And I miss everybody so much," said Cherry, holding Jackson's arm more tightly as they drove closer.

As soon as Jackson pulled over by the villa's entrance, Cherry quickly opened the door and stepped out of the car.

"Hi, Mom and Uncle Jacob," Cherry greeted as she briskly walked towards them. She then hugged Elsa tightly.

Elsa hugged Cherry back and said, "Oh my sweet child, alas you're here." She missed her daughter so much and looked forward to the day when she could hug her again.

Cherry loosened her hug with Elsa and turned to Jacob to greet him, "Hi, Uncle. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing well, Cherry. Thank you," replied Jacob. He was likewise glad to see Cherry back.

Selina greeted Jackson with a peck on the cheek then crossed her arms pretending to be angry and said, "So, why didn't you tell us you were coming back yesterday?"

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