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   Chapter 946 Who's Calling (Part Two)

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"Wait for me in the underground parking lot. I will reach there in ten minutes," Lawrence replied, as he stepped on the gas.

Hearing that, Aria basked in delight. She said gladly, "Okay. See you soon."

Lawrence ended the call. He grasped the steering wheel with hands glee shining in his eyes.

Aria stood in the parking lot waiting anxiously. As Lawrence's car appeared in her sight, she waved her hand at him cheerfully.

Lawrence drove in her direction and parked his car as soon as he could.

As he got out, he made his way towards his girlfriend. Coming close to her, he glanced deep into her eyes.

"I've missed you so much, Larry," Aria blurted out. Losing all control on her emotions, she stretched out and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Instead of replying, Lawrence softly pressed his lips on hers.

After a long time, Lawrence let go of her. His passionate kiss expressed how much he had missed her.

Looking at Lawrence dotingly, Aria said, "Although you have left me just yesterday, I feel as if we have been seperated for a month."

He cupped her face gently, and said calmly, "Perhaps we won't be able to meet every day."

"Have you been busy recently?" Aria asked.

"Yes. I have to handle the stuff in the company. Besides, my parents just came back. They might need me at any time," Lawrence answered. At present, he thought that he had little time to keep Aria company. He had no intention of introducing her to his family now.

"I see," Aria replied in a low voice. She understood that Lawrence needed to spend more time with his family. But at the thought she couldn't meet him frequently, she couldn't help but feel upset.

"Are you angry at me?" Lawrence asked. He could tell by her expression that she was slightly disappointed.

"No, I am not. I feel a little depress

o female doctors.

As they emerged into Greg's office, Violet couldn't hold back her anger anymore. She strode to her husband's chair and sat down on it. Focusing her gaze on Greg who was putting on his white coat, she grilled, "Isn't it a torture to be surrounded by so many hot girls and yet concentrate on your job?"

"What makes you say that?" Greg countered just to make her feel jealous. "I think it's a very good thing. I can see so many pretty girls every day."

"Oh, really?" Violet was too angry now and she decided not to utter another word.

"Wow," Greg exclaimed. With a sly smile, he approached her slowly. He stopped and took a seat opposite his wife. Gazing at Violet sitting in his chair, he teased, "When did my Queen become so jealous?"

"What? You must be kidding. Why would I get envious? I am okay with all that. But be careful that their boyfriends do not get back at you," Violet snapped, turning her face away.

Violet's phone in her handbag vibrated, which drew her attention. After picking up her bag, she took it out. When she saw the number on the screen, she put on a bright smile on her face.

"Whose call is it?" Greg asked alertly. Now it was his turn to feel nervous.

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